January 21, 2015

Project Life 2015....Week 1

Edit: I had a question about the digital overlays.  I'll be adding a post soon about the apps I use to create the overlays.  However there won't be detailed tutorials for them.  If you read through this post, I did a little recap of how I am using Dropbox, Letterglow and One Little Bird digital elements.  Thanks for your patience. 
Where is the tuturiol to add digital overlays?

Starting fresh with my Project Life Week 1.  It's so so simplified from what I've been doing.  While I'm in catch up mode with 2014, my goal is to just get the stories told and finish the weeks on time.  I took some time yesterday to jot down some real, nitty gritty stories that I want to tell.  I can't wait for those to be added in between the pages soon.  
 My left page.  Back to 3 x 4 and 4 x 6 photos.  I didn't have to plan a thing.  I just started printing off the most important photos.  What a time saver that was.
 The right page.  I took three slots to dedicate to a first time experience.  It was the first time ever I went to the movies with my mom and dad.  My dad read the book Unbroken and really wanted to see the movie.  He loved it.  We got out tickets, two big buckets of popcorn + the pops I tucked in my big bag (yes we are those people).  It was quite touching to hear my dad sniffling at the end of the movie.  As a war veteran he is so patriotic.  On the way to and from the movie, we heard stories from the book and my dad's own accounts of serving in the military.  I used Ali Edwards' Story stamps to note this "first time".
The Week one 4 x 6 photo.  I used One Little Bird's digital set to add this to a 4 x 6 photo. I downloaded all of the digital overlays to Drop Box on my computer.  I then installed the same app on my iPhone.  I opened up the LetterGlow app on my iPhone, chose the Drop Box icon and imported the "week one" right on top of my photo.  I sized it and placed it where I wanted it on my photo.  Saved the photo and sent it to my computer to print for my album.  I could have also typed in the dates for this week but I had already added them to my week in review card you can see in this photo also. 
 Some 3 x 4 journaling cards.  Have you seen the new color for the 2015 limited edition Ball canning jars?  Purple, my friends!  We are K-State fans around here and this is gonna be awesome.  I'll be collecting a few boxes to use next year for Jordan's graduation party.  She's gonna be a Wildcat soon! The other card has my stamped "first time" and my handwritten journaling.  Still embracing that but it makes the pages come together so quickly.
Week 1.  Done.  Easy. Simple. In the album.  Happy day to you, my friends.  



I am drooling over those purple jars too!! what a touching thing - attending that movie & hearing his stories! love this layout for its content as much as the design!

Jeni B. said...

Thank you for the tutorial about adding digital overlays to photos in LetterGlow. I just did it and printed out a photo with an Ali Edwards digital stamp! So very cool! And so much easier than slogging through Photoshop to make it happen. Thanks!

Basement Stamper said...

You go girl, love how you are keeping it simple and getting it done. I think the importance is the photos and stories of the people in them and I have to remind myself of that when I'm working on my pages at times.

Carole said...

Just loving the purple jars , I have not seen them on the west coast yet but will be on the look out ! I love your detail on how to use the over lays - thank you !!

Joann6274 said...

Oh my goodness @ the purple canning jars!!! My favorite color is purple so I'm swooning over them!! And what a sweet story of you going to the movies with your folks. I bet that was an amazing time and great memories. Your PL pages are much simpler but sometimes simple is more!

Mendi M said...

I love it! I am so glad to see someone else decide to go the simple route. I am so far behind because I have all of these self imposed 'rules' I am following. I need to just do what you are doing...keep it simple!


Where is the tuturiol to add digital overlays?

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