January 30, 2015

Gathering.....thoughts on thrifting

I've been enjoying the new Ali Edwards Story stamps and kits.  This month's theme is Gatherings and I've really been embracing the words and trying to tell some stories that pertain to the theme.  So here goes.

Thrifting. Gathering. I come by it honestly.  My mom was and still is the biggest garage saler you will ever meet.  My siblings also love antiques, auctions and picking.  For me, I love a good thrift store or flea market. There's no pressure and you can wander around and linger as long as you like.  I can spend several hours in just one store.  Case in point last Friday.  It had been a long week of helping out with a school event and I was around a lot of people.  I'm so used to being by myself every day just hanging out with Charlie in my home.  It gets to me.  Not that I don't like to be around people but home is best.  It's quiet and I can be one with my thoughts.  

About once a month I do get the itch to go junkin'.  Part of it is the thrill of finding something good.  Something old, something that calls my name, something that evokes a memory, something that connects me to my past.  These red, white and blue bowls were speaking to me today.  I guess I have an old kindred soul because they instantly made me picture a farm wife in her little white house, mixing up a dinner or putting a ball of bread dough on the window sill to rise.  
I love the peacefulness I get when I look at old junk.  It reminds me of all the stories my dad tells me and makes me wish I could go back to those times too.  Maybe a time when things were simpler.  When there weren't so many distractions in the world.  When things weren't plastic.
So I left that thrift store with these pretty bowls.  I also left with a clear head and a feeling that life had slowed down a little.  You can bet that there will be a ball of bread dough rising in one of these bowls soon.  On my window sill with a vintage tea towel over it.  Life is good today.
Oh, I'll be back little thrift store.....


Scrapthat said...

Love the flowers on the bowls!! I also think they would lovely with a big group of beautiful embellies sitting in them ;D
I think of it as being a True lover of vintage! :D


I have some antique bowls not in any condition to be in the kitchen any more, so they are holding various supplies! I love me some vintage kitchen ware!

Susan said...

Junking runs in my family too. A good tradition!

Kirsten Juenke said...

I love it! Just yesterday I was poking around at a few local stores with a new friend who moved here to Seattle from Houston. She couldn't believe our prices - those similar bowls were $25 at least. May I ask how much you paid? I find deals sometimes, or buy if I truly love something, but it gets really frustrating.

Joann6274 said...

Gorgeous bowls and in really great shape... I too, love antiques and thrifting. My grandpa and I used to go to yard sales, flea markets and garage sales every weekend in the spring and summer. I miss those days and I miss him so much. He passed away almost 6 years ago and life is sure not the same without him. So when I do go thrifting, he is always close in heart and thought.

Tami McBeain said...

Love your great vintage bowl finds, they remind me a a cool spring day, they would be so pretty filled with fresh berries and served with scones and tea. I too love junking, I almost always find things that remind me of my childhood, or someone dear to me and agree, it is a great relaxing time, just wandering and looking for treasures! Thanks for sharing!

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