January 22, 2015

NEW Wrappings Kits in the shop..

Hey there.  Today I have two new wrappings kits going up in my shop.  You can find both kits here.  First up is the Green Wrappings Kit which has some whimsical strips of fabric, hand crafted tags, stitched items and some unique, hand watercolored notebook envelopes + lots more.  My idea when assembling these kits is to just assemble a bunch of cute, mixy matchy items that are fun to open and just spread out on your work table.  Sometimes it's just a little something new that can spark that creativity.  There's no right or wrong.....you just sit down and see what you can create.  
 I was especially inspired with my own two kits because I have recently purged a lot of crafty items that I no longer used and I had a fresh, clean table to work on.  Here I decided to create some fabric tape by applying two strips of double sided tape to a fabric strip.  I cut the strips down the middle to have two long strips of fabric tape.  I knew I wanted to make something special with that notebook paper envelope too.
 I dug out some letter stamps that hadn't seen ink yet.  All the little bits and pieces from the kit just inspired me to get out new products and to see what I could pull from my stash to use with the kit items.
I used my typewriter to create some one of a kind sentiments. 
 The result was a delightful little pile of goodies, each crafted with a specific use in mind.  Just looking at the goodies below makes me want to craft even more.  It's so fun to get a little stash going so that when you need a card or some cute gift wrap, you're not scurrying around to find something.
 This green mason jar got a cute facelift with a doily, a fancied up tag from the kit and a wrapping of the alphabet ribbon.  I can fill this with candies for a teacher or take the lid off and fill with pencils or paint brushes.
 This little gift sack a Large Kraft Sack, another item I like to keep in my craft stash. All of the embellishments come straight for the kit with the addition of the typed sentiment.  I plan on adding in some coordinating cards and sending this to Bonnie Christine who was so gracious to include me in her Winged blog tour, featuring her new fabric line.
 This card with coordinating envelope was created for my old English teacher who recently helped Josey write her resume and some scholarship letters.  I love the dainty, old fashioned look of this duo. I added in some wide washi tape from my stash and used the fabric tape on the envelope.
 I plan to tie the envelope up with some of the alphabet ribbon from the kit and slip a candy bar under the bow.  A thoughtful little card and gift that Josey can deliver to Mrs. A.
My next kit is the Red Wrappings Kit which can be used just in time for Valentine's crafting or just on it's own.  Again, it's fun to just open up your package and spread all the goodies out to see what you can dream up. 
 I've been keeping extras from the kit in some cute little baskets and every time I walk by them it sparks some ideas.  If you purchase my kits, I suggest gathering up the items and storing them in some cute way.  You can mix and match the kits and if you grab some other shop items like tags and sacks you'll always have some fun gift wrappings or card embellishments at your reach.
 All I need to create this card is just a piece of patterned paper.  The rest of the items are just layered and come from the kit.  I'll tie up the card with the cute polka dot ribbon.
 The little stamped piece has some stitching on it already so that handmade touch is already added. Little paper clips and baker's twine add some dimensional touches.
The Large White Sacks are included in the kit but you can purchase extras in the shop. I layered the Dainty Doilies with pink tags and the stamped tags from the kit. For each sack I used the ribbon strips in different ways.
 Paperclips and Small Clothespins finish off the sacks. The Large White Tags are just one of the many shop items I carry that I consider staples in my crafty stash.
 For these next pieces, I cut some of the fabric strips in half and then cut little pieces to staple of the baker's twine in the kit.  Garlands are a popular item for decorating right now so these mini versions make me very happy.
 I used my typewriter to create some typed sentiments.  Just cute and whimsical. The Small White Tags are tiny little pieces just perfect for adding a short sentiment to a project.
 When I was done, I had yet another fun pile of crafty projects.  I'm already thinking of people I want to send some goodies to.
And isn't that why we craft?  To create pretty things and to share them with others. I know that when I send a card or hand out a gift that has been wrapped oh so cute, the recipient is overjoyed.  That's what makes me happy.  I hope you're year is off to a crafty start too!

My two new kits are listed in the shop now.  Be sure to check out all my clearance holiday kits.  Just tuck them into your holiday crafting stash and they'll be ready down the road. I've got some aprons on sale, a few other vintage items and lots of my staple crafting items.  Enjoy!http://madebymish.bigcartel.com/product/small-white-tags

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Joann6274 said...

Michelle your cards and gift sacks are adorable!!! I love both the kits you put together but i'm more parcel towards the red kit... that fabric in that kit is gorgeous! I hope you have a fantastic weekend and I wish I was one of the people that you were sending some of those purty things to! :)

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