April 23, 2014

Workspace Wednesday...Organizing Project Life Page Protectors

It's Workspace Wednesday and today I'm sharing a little bit of organization that I did with my Project Life plastic page protectors.  I think I have all the sizes and configurations that are available from Project Life + some from other companies.  Every time I wanted to find a certain page protector a landslide of plastic packaging happened.  I also had to sort through each package to find the design I wanted.  

To make things more organized I grabbed some plastic 12 x 12 organizer for paper that I had sitting idle.  I made dividers with scrap cardboard and got my page protectors all organized. 
So now when I'm ready to plan out a week of Project Life, I grab my planner with my Pocket Planner Pages + I always have my Project Life Pages Photo Pocket Reference Sheets (the blue and orange sheets you see tucked inside my organizer, above).  You can find them under the freebie section of Becky Higgins' blog.  I print them to fit in my planner below. 
 For weeks when I'm using just a Design A, it's simple.....but for when I want to mix things up, add in inserts or change to a new design, this organization has been so helpful.
So with that....I'm off to get caught up a bit more on my Project Life.  Thanks for stopping by.


Sarah said...

Thanks for sharing some of your process!

Tina Campbell said...

What a fantastic idea for storage, gotta lift this tip :) Thank you

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