August 28, 2013

Project Life Week 27....where I fit 51 photos into my week!

Yep, you read that right.  I fit 51 photos into this week's Project Life.  The week surrounding the 4th of July brings about my mom's birthday, Josey's birthday, July 4th celebrations lots of Summer activities.  It was a huge undertaking deciding where and how to add all the photos but I separated all the photos into their own little sections by activities and slowly but surely I got the week completed.  

I have a full 2 page spread and 3 double sided inserts for this week.  These photos were the everyday happenings and most of the photos of Josey with her friends.  
First up are the inserts in the weekly spread.  I created my usual dated insert with the week # and the dates.  All of my inserts for this week were created using Gossamer Blue kit items from past kits.  
 I used lots of of my handmade journaling card using Fancy Pants papers and accents that I had previously made.  This made it very easy to to pick journaling cards and saved time on adding lots of accents and embellishments.
 Loved adding the Kool-Aid packet the girls used to dye their hair + a saved a few tags from Josey's new swimming suit.
 Another handmade journaling card...
Here we go with the 3 inserts.  As usual, I like to keep my inserts smaller than 12 x 12 if possible.  This way the weekly spread is largest and can be seen. The smaller inserts are sandwiched in between from smallest to largest. 
 This is the smallest insert.  I used a 6 x 12 page protector and just trimmed it down to the height of the birthday card.
 I added some of the wrapping paper from Josey's gifts on the back side as filler.
 Here's insert #2, the front side.  This is all about Josey turning sweet 16.  I inserted some of my favorite photos of Josey from this week + a little flash back photo of the girls on one of Josey's earlier birthdays/July 4th celebrations.
 I typed a special note for Josey.  I now always write the journaling in my albums from my view.
 Love this sweet photo of my Josey Posey.  Little wisps of her strawberry blond hair, sitting by herself working on those smoke ball chains she makes every 4th of July.
 This is the back side of the above insert.  Look at all the dang photos!  I take a ton during the fireworks and I always want to include them all.  I made photo collages using my printer program, selecting the number of photos I want on each 4 x 6 sheet, then adjusting the size until they all fit.  23 whopping photos in this insert.
 I used this pocket insert I created earlier for the main decorative element.  Some sparkly letters & resin stars help add to the patriotic theme with out being too 4th of July-ee.
 The 3rd insert which is an 8 x 10.  I just couldn't help but add in this last photo of the night.  The girls and their friends were all swimming...along with Kara's little brother Coy.  He's quite the ladies' man and didn't bat an eye when it was time to hot tub.  Little stinker, watch out girls!
 I used the 1,2,3,4 to note the number of girls + Coy in big letters.
 This is the back side of the above insert.  Totally random photos from a birthday shopping trip for Josey.  The photos were so bright and colorful, I had to add them to this week.
 I trimmed down an already made journaling card to fit the space.  We hit Target, the Mac makeup booth and Michael's.  I found out that the girls had no idea with Chick-o-Stickers were.  That had to change.  They weren't the biggest fans.
Whew, so glad that these photos are all in the books. Typically these types of weeks are overwhelming so I just put them off.....until it's weeks or months or years down the way and I don't have the big moments accounted for.  I decided to change that and I really, really try hard to complete my inserts at the same time I do the weekly layout.  I love how my album looks with all the smaller pages.  It totally encompasses our lives.  


Elizabeth V. said...

Wow!! This is just the inspiration I need this week...thank you so much! I love how much fun you captured this week. Some weeks have so many great pictures and it so hard to decide which ones to omit. I like your way better!! I can totally relate about setting the "big" weeks aside and I have several from this summer that are taunting me to finish. I am going to use your idea (I think it was from prom? of just adding another double-page with inserts between my weeks for my daughter's college graduation. There are so many pictures and memorabilia items I want to include in my book. When I saw your example, I knew it would be a wonderful I just need to get it done! Thanks for the inspiration and the kick in the backside...I'm off to the table to get to work. Have a blessed day!!

Carol said...

This is an awesome spread full of so many memories. Thanks so much for sharing & for the inspiration you give to keep going. Love how many photos you've managed to squeeze in this week. So cool :-)

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