August 8, 2013

Project Life 2013..Week 26...the good, the bad & the ugly

Hello little friends.  I've been meaning to get a blog post up all day long but instead I've been sitting with Jordan as we designed a quilt together.  The kid is such a tomboy and loves the outdoors so naturally she wants a camo quilt.  Not my first choice for her room but I caved.  We picked out some pretty cool fabrics online and she's patiently waiting for me to figure the yardage so we can place an order.  She didn't spend hardly any money while on vacation so she's putting it towards this quilt.  Love her sense of adventure and "let's do this!" attitude.  

I'd also like to give a big shout out to those of you who comment so regularly.  Today I read an exciting comment from Debbie about how she's excited to start working with her first Gossamer Blue kit.  I clicked over to her blog and her fun life and family is definitely deserving of a Project Life album.  Go Debbie....and thanks for sharing with me!!

So here goes Week 26 of my Project Life.  This week's sketch includes the good, the bad and the ugly. I like to keep my real life photos in my albums so this week it's all about going to the movies, yummy Summer fruit, a storm that tore through and ripped apart my dad's barn and a photo of Josey's foot that is healing but turning green from bruising.  For some collected items I have some movie ticket stubs and a produce sticker from a watermelon. 
I decided to use journaling cards that I made using the July Gossamber Blue Fancy Pants items.  You can see all of my handmade inserts at this post. Here's my 2 page spread; no inserts this week. 
The left side....
The right side.....
Every single insert this week came from my stack of handmade cards.  I just reached for my packet of items and since I knew everything would coordinate it was a very quick session of picking out the cards. Here I used one of the pre-made 4 x 6 inserts for my weekly dated card.
Here are the 4 x 6 photos.  I used some apps from my iPhone to add some journaling.  I like to do this if I have a few spare minutes here and there.  It means that I don't have to add journaling when I sit down to scrap.  I added the watermelon sticker to my photo where there was a blank spot.
Here I used two 3 x 4 journaling cards side by side in a 4 x 6 slot.  I adhere the 2 cards onto a 4 x 6 grid journaling card to keep them from floating around in the pocket.  On the left is Josey's green foot and on the right are the new ankle braces that the girls despise.
Here I used the Diptic app on my iPhone to create a collage of our Braum's road trip. Terrible photos but worthy of scrapbooking none the less.  
More bad.....the second rattle snake that we found slithering 2' from out garage door.  He got the shovel treatment real quick like.
Two small instagrams where used in these 2 slots.  I slapped them on some pre-made cards then added some journaling and date stamps.
More of the same here with a weather insert and the photo of my dad's barn all blown away by the storm.
Here I used one of the fun vellum pockets with a tag insert.  I typed on the tag then slipped in our movie tickets.  Love these little interactive spots.
That was a pretty easy week to finish up.  I'm about four weeks behind now and I'm so looking forward to being current for one main reason.  I really like to journal the stories that go along with the photos and when I am current on my weeks, it all just comes together so much more quickly.  I'm hoping to finish up at least one more week over the weekend and hopefully be caught up by the time the girls start school.  I have lots of vacation photos so I'll need to be thinking about how to handle those too.  

How about you, I'd love to hear where you're at right now with your Project Life.  Did you get your first Gossamer Blue Life Pages kit?  Do you have kids heading back to school?  If so are you planning some time to work more on your albums?  Or does that just make it even busier for you?  


Anonymous said...

I would love to get the Gossamer Blue kit but for now I'm using my stash and the Honey and Kraft kit I picked up with a coupon. My sister and I split the kits so we were able to get some of each. I love it when you post about your album and give your little tips and ideas. Thanks for sharing!

Keathe said...

I just love seeing your Project Life cards! So much inspiration! Thanks :)

Larabee said...

Thanks for the tip about adding journaling direct to photos using apps. I do this all the time but didn't consider it for PL! I'm sooo far behind this might just make it easier for me to catch-up! I always look forward to seeing your spreads and how different things are across the water, like how my weather screen shots show our 'heat wave' of 40oC!!! ��

Linda said...

I always enjoy your blog posts and pictures.

Viki said...

Michelle, I just added our vacation photos to my son's current book. I used the project life 10x12 pages. I loved how they have 2 vertical slots and 2 horizontal slots. I will add a cover page and a back page so it will be a book inside of all of his 12x12 pages.
Thanks for all your blogging - love it!

Denise E said...

I always love seeing your PL pages. You are such an inspiration. I am still waiting to see your organization post with how you put together your new binder/pages for PL layouts. I'm hoping to get a better system down so that I don't get so far behind next year! (Or even for the rest of this year, if I can figure out how to catch up!) Thanks again! Have a great weekend! ;)

CaliforniaBlondeWrites said...

I am aboutfourweeks behind, too. It's that "catch 22" thing: do you LIVE your life? Or RECORD it? We had a very fun/busy three weeks in June and July and two of my weeks of PL 2 or 3-page inserts!

For me, uploading my photos to my computer by date is theeasiestway to keep track of them. After I have used each specific date folder to print photos, I can move each photo to a more specific folder.

I really enjoy your blog posts and inspirations. I am decorating my own journaling cards now, and NOT cropping my photo corners, thanks toyourinspiration.

Even tho' I am so behind on PL, I am already planning my December Daily album for this year, lol!

Keep inspiring us, Mish, we'll all get caught up on PL together!!

Amber Sheaves said...

Eewww to the snakes. Hubby has already found 2 rattlers at work last week. Shovel treatment it was (at least for one)! Hey - did you ever post whether you decided on the white cabinet or your hodge podge message center??

Tina Campbell said...

Cool pages, wow a snake too.

Maureen said...

I don't usually comment, but I just wanted to take a minute to tell you that I LOVE looking at your PL pages!! You constantly inspire me and I hope you never stop!

I'm supposed to get my Life Pages kit today and I can't wait!

Danielle Marie Oakes said...

how do you print your pictures Michelle? they always look so nice.
Starting this for my son's senior yearbook this year and need a photo printing option. thanks for the inspiration. danielle

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