August 3, 2013

August Gossamer Blue.....road trip cards

I was so excited when I saw that the full 12 x 12 sheet of this October Afternoon paper was going to in a Gossamer Blue kit this month.  I just love that vintage topped with the cute luggage.  I saved the paper just for some cards.  I reached for a die and cut the cars out into oval shapes. 
I then trimmed patterned paper from this month's kits to fit my card fronts.  I used an index card for a nice, neutral background for another layer. 
When I think about designing the concepts for a Gossamer Blue stamp set, I always have card making in the back of my mind.  The set for the Life Pages kit is perfect for cards as well as scrapbooking.  Here I stamped the banner shape onto a lined piece of patterned paper from a kit and then stamped the road trip sentiment.  
I created these cards after completing a lot of Project Life pages so I reached for all my leftover bits and pieces to see what I could use on my cards. That's another reason why I love the kits so much for card makers too.  It's full to challenge myself to see how I can incorporate the embellishments and papers onto cards. 
Here's my finished cards.  I think they're pretty and will be perfect to send to someone you might be taking a trip with....or maybe to someone you'd like to get away with.  
I used the fun, flat sequins along with the smaller sequins for a unique accent.  The washi tape stickers and small little dots were fun to use on my cards too. 
I cut apart the plastic arrow piece and used it on all four cards.  Just a simple staple to hold the piece in place.  See the little splatters at the back of the car?  I wanted those to resemble puffs of smoke coming from the muffler.  You can see them better on the photo with all four cards showing 
I took some October Afternoon mist and a scrap of cardstock that had some holes punched to use as a mask.  I splattered over the hole right where I wanted my muffler smoke. Just a fun finishing touch. 
Hope all the card makers out there enjoy my cards! I have really had a lot of fun discovering how handy the kits are when it's time to sit down and create cards.  Maybe for those of you who scrapbook and haven't dabbled in card making.....perhaps you'll want to try out a few cards with your leftover kit contents.  Thanks for stopping by today. 


Shan said...

love the cards! The stamp set is awesome! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE

JustYolie said...

These are the cutest!!! Love your work!

Anastasia said...

These are adorable! love your work and creativeness!

Unknown said...

lovely cards! I like this

Unknown said...

These are so cute! Your smoke from the muffler is adorable - it reminds me of the old car on Keeping Up Appearances. (an old British comedy). Thanks so much.

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