August 29, 2013

Boutique Item...Gray Polka Dot Gift Packaging

Hi all.  As I'm getting back into the swing of things as the girls are back in school, I'll be focusing more on my shop and fun blog posts.  I'll be bringing back the Friday Favorites posts which will include good junk finds, awesome recipes, great Pinterest finds and more.  I'll have more cards and packaging items up on the blog in addition to my Project Life posts.  It's going to be a great Fall season and I hope you'll join me.

When doing a little work for my online business, I realized that I have over 100 items in my shop! Many of those items are staple items that I keep stocked on a regular basis. Other items are little kits & cards & special finds that I put in the shop in very limited quantities.  Sometimes those speciality items sell out quickly & I get emails asking for more quantities.  Sometimes I can accommodate and sometimes it's just a one time deal, depending on quantities of supplies on hand and if I feel like creating more items.  

For those items that are listed in limited quantities, I'm going to start listing them as a Boutique Item.  The Boutique Items will be listings that are very limited in quantities and perhaps a creation that I devoted a little more time to. The Boutique Items may be a special project that I created using a featured product in my shop.  They may be a limited quantity of some great vintage find.  Whatever the case, my hope is to showcase those Boutique Items here on the blog in a special way.  So stay tuned for my Boutique Item featured posts.  

Today's Boutique Item is set of gift sacks that I created using the Gray Polka Dot Gift Packaging up in the shop. With the little kit you get a fun little bundle of supplies to create a unique gift sack for that special present.  Today I created 2 of the gift sacks to hold some notebooks that I created for my two favorite secretaries at the girls' school.  They are nicest ladies & always give a shout out to my girls as they pass through the halls.  They deserve something special.  
 On my gift sacks, I used every little item that is included in the little kit.  I adhered the Dainty Doily to the sack.  Then I used the Small Clothespins in a fun way.....I added double sided tape to the backs of them and adhered them right to the doily.  I tied the gray twine and tiny little silver tag to the Small White Parcel Tag.  I used some white cardstock, a circle punch and wood letter stamps to create the name tags.
 I then placed all of the sequins into the clear cello bag & adhered that to the top of the doily with the silver Washi tape.
 I tucked in the cute notepads (which you'll see in September for the Gossamer Blue release) and they're ready for the girls to take to school.  Boy, doesn't it make you feel good to create a gift for someone special.  I need to do it more often.
I hope you'll enjoy my Boutique Items posts & everything else that is to come this Fall.  I've got a few more Boutique Items up in the shop currently which include my Special Delivery Gift Packaging kit, my Hello Gift Sack Kit and Vellum Pocket Inserts.  You can see them in the main shop HERE.  Have a great day everyone.


lisa westphal said...

I just love these!! The gray dots and the pink telephones peeking out from the top...sooo dang cute! I sure do hope those are your gorgeous notepads hiding inside! :) I just can't wait to see!! :) Have a great weekend!!

Larabee said...

These are beautiful!!!

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