November 16, 2010

Candy Cane Cutie Kits

Edited for questions: Susan asked *Can you share your recipe for the chocolate covered popcorn? Just melted white chocolate?*......Susan Dear, the recipe is in my blog post. :)

Happy day to you! Today I have a fun kit called Candy Cane Cutie to show you. It's a simple little kit that is perfect if you like to get the kids involved in all the crafty fun!
In the kit, you'll get the supplies to make four embellished candy cane gift toppers (minus the candy canes). You can tie the candy canes to gift sacks, wrapped packages....or attach to treat sacks like I've done today. I packaged up some of my much loved White Chocolate Covered Popcorn in a Large Cello Gusset Bag, tied it up with some candy cane striped ribbon and then attached the embellished candy cane to the bag with a pop dot. Simple goody sacks like this are so much fun to hand out. They're inexpensive and you haven't spent a lot of time on them. I love to pack treats like this for ballgames to hand out to some of the girls' friends. Treats like this are also perfect to take along on those long holiday shopping trips that seem to last forever! Many times you're too rushed to sit down and eat a big meal....but little snacks like this are a real *pick me upper*. The kiddos will love getting their own treat sack too! My mom and I thoroughly enjoyed this little bag last night at the ballgame. :)
In the Candy Cane Cute Kits, you'll receive the supplies to make four completed goody bags along with lots of leftover tags to embellish as you wish. If you need even more tags, I have them listed separately in the shop here. These are going to be my go to tags this year for gift packaging. So simple and everything will coordinate.
To assemble the sacks, simply fill a sack with a treat or gift and tie up with a torn strip of candy cane striped fabric. For the candy cane toppers, adhere a round sticker to any color tag you wish. Thread the baker's twine with pom pom accent through the tag and tie around a candy cane that you provide. Adhere to the goody sack with a simple pop dot. Presto....easy peasy gift!
I've had the kit in the shop for a day or so but there are a few kits left. I'll be making lots more of these for the girls to assemble on those long winter days....perfect for teachers and their friends. Hope you enjoy!

I know, I know.....*where's the recipe*? :) It's super easy: Pop popcorn and remove all kernels. Spread out on waxed paper. Melt white chocolate in microwave bowl and add desired food coloring. Drizzle over popcorn. Add holiday sprinkles and sugars. Let dry. Place in treat sacks. Tip: Try not to eat it all before it gets in the treat sacks!


♥Wendi said...

Leave it to you to come up with yet another FABULOUS idea. So super cute. How long does the popcorn last (that is, if you dont eat it all yourself) in the bag before it goes stale? Can you make it the night before you give it out as a gift? Thanks for the cute idea! I know what I will be taking to the next few baseball and soccer games! YUM YUM!!

Susan said...

Hi Mish!
These are so cutie-pututie! Can you share your recipe for the chocolate covered popcorn? Just melted white chocolate? I have to wait to get to your Etsy shop after school, and every time I go to order OR if I hesitate a day, you're sold out of the item I wanted! Lesson learned!

Anonymous said...

I love everything you show!! The receipes are to die for....thank you so much for sharing all of your wonderful ideas.

Dishtowel Dame said...

The choc popcorn is such a great and easy to make treat! If food coloring is used, I think it has to be paste type food coloring as the regular liquid-type of food coloring can cause the melted chocolate to solidify before it can be poured over the popcorn. Your packaging is so cute! I am now hungry for chocolate popcorn!

Patti J said...

Yummy! Sounds wonderful! Another darling project - you never disappoint!!! Hugs!

cashemere said...

Hi!!!! Beautiful project!!
I love all you do!
Kisses from Brazil

jaymack said...

These little bags are the best idea. Such a cute way to package a little snack.
I love following your blog and I believe you posted a pattern for a crchet flower, I can't find it on your site. Can you help.

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