September 2, 2007

We have a winner!

Sorry I didn't get the winner of the baby blog goodies posted last night. We went to a wedding reception so I didn't plan the timing very well.....usually we're sitting at home on any given Saturday night! But we do have a winner and here's the lucky girl:

Peggy S said...
Cute Stamp! Nice card, too! Many of my favorite memories center around the summers we spent at our cottage on Lake Erie. We moved in as soon as school was out and stayed all summer going home once a week to mow the lawn and do the laundry. We returned home just in time for4 the start of school after Labor Day. Great times and Super Happy Memories!Peggy S. from Ohio

Congratulations Peggy!!!!!!!!! Please email me at with your full name and mailing address and I'll get your goody package out this week! A big thank you for all that commented on my blog, where have you all been hiding???? I have to say that I got big warm fuzzies from reading all of your comments. Childhood should hold so many fond memories and I'm so glad you shared some of yours with me. And many of your memories brought back some of the same for me: baking, camping, playing in the woods, looking at Christmas lights, watching The Wizard of Oz(that was a MUST), and just spending time with family and friends. Out of all the comments, almost every one was about spending time with family and just playing and doing family things. There was no mention of Ipods, computers, Bratz dolls or My Space!! Boy, those were the good ol' days right? Thanks again for sharing your friendship with me!

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Charmingdesigns said...

Wow! Im so glad so many showed up on your blog for your give away. shows how many gals love your blog and maybe just dont leave a comment!I cant wait to go visit new bloggers that left you comments! Thanks again for sharing all that you do, it is greatly appreciated!!Laurie

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