September 9, 2007

Those blingy thingies?

You guys like those? Stamping Bella has them in her store and calls them *baubles*. They are SO fun to play with. Look for them to come soon to another store just a click away!! I apply them with small sticky dots but you can also use a drop of glue....I'm not patient enough for it to dry though. I think they are glass because I had a broken one and it looked and felt like broken glass. I'm not certain though.....all I know is that I love em! Jordan saw them on a Halloween card I made and called them *witches pimples*.

1 comment:

Dawn said...

Thanks so much for sharing Mish! You know, I went to look at these...can we say YUMMY! There were soo many colors to choose from, although I wish I had seen a "variety" pack to choose from:(
Still won't stop me from

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