September 28, 2007


Ohhhhh, I love it when I give away goodies! I get to read SO many fun stories from you all. Thank you all so much for telling me about your Fall/Halloween traditions. I really love to hear that there are fun loving families out there that still do things together.

The lucky winner of the Ghosties set is:

Latisha said...
We do so many things for fall...lets see, I re-do my flower beds and plant mums. We take the kids to a corn maze, most corn mazes have pumpkin patches so we get our pumpkins there as well. I put out my outdoor fall decorations like hay, scarcrows and pumpkins. The night we carve our pumpkins we clean off the seeds and bake them. If the town we live in (hubby is in the navy) has a haunted house or garden, we normally will take the kids to that. The night of Halloween I never cook, we order Pizza. On Thanksgiving since we are far away from family we have single sailors over for a homecooked meal, since they can't be home also. I can go on and on about all of our traditions but I will stop here lol >"<

Latisha, Congratulations!! Please send me your full name and snail mail address and I'll get your stamp set out in the mail to you! Email me at :

Usually Fridays mean that a nice relaxing weekend is coming up. Not so much the case this weekend. We'll have a fun time but we have a football game tonight, birthday party and slumber party tomorrow for Jordan and then a soccer tournament on Sunday. I hope you all have a GREAT weekend. Do something fun with your family, time goes by so quickly!!


Latisha said...

I emailed you my snail addy >"< I'm so excited that stamp set is the cutest!!

Sue Symens said...

Love your new banner. Beautiful!

Dottie K said...

Wow this is a cute card. Looks like a great stamp set. Love the new banner. :)

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