August 26, 2014

Tray Tuesday....Strawberry Jam

Hey everyone. Welcome back to Tray Tuesday.  It's a new series here on the blog where I show you what I have my tray.  I use trays for everything & have quite the little collection going so here goes.  Today I've got homemade Strawberry Jam on a cute red, vintage tray.  
I've been canning so much this Summer that I haven't had time to make room on my shelves for more canned goods.  Until then I have jars of sweet goodness sitting around on my dining room table and everywhere.
I can't seem to grow strawberries very well where I live so I always buy them from the store when they're nice and ripe.
There's nothing like having a jar of fresh jam, bursting with ripened fruit flavor and homemade goodness.
The jars are so pretty too.  If these make it til Christmas, I think they'd make very cute gifts for neighbors and friends.  Maybe include a loaf of freshly baked bread or some scones.
Full of juicy strawberry flavor, this photo just makes my mouth water.
For all of my simple fruit jams and jellies, I typically use the recipes included in the fruit pectin boxes.  They are tested and never seem to fail me.  Here's the recipe I used for my Strawberry Jam today.  This is a canned jam using the water bath method of preservation. Enjoy!

I'd love to hear what's on your tray today.  Feel free to leave a link or comment in the comments section below.  If you follow along on Instagram (mishwooderson), feel free to use the hashtag #traytuesday to show me what's on your tray.

I've recently listed some vintage trays in my shop.  Here's just a few samples.....

These black trays are quite striking.  A little worn and chippy but would be so cute with mason jars lined up or filled with craft supplies
Aluminum trays are understated but go with about everything.  I like to place little jello molds on these to hold small bits and pieces of paper kits.
Round trays are always fun to use to serve drinks in mason jars or just grab a tray while you're working on a craft project.  Place a vintage napkin on top and pile high with homemade muffins or cookies.
Thanks for stopping by today.  Have a great day!


linda cencelewski said...

Beautiful!! I still want to make some strawberry jam if I can find a good price on strawberries. Tomatoes are on my tray today. I'm making more salsa. Like you, my kitchen table is full of everything I've canned so far...all 96 jars. I have to find a place to store it all. Until then I'll just look at it and admire it. It will all be so good this winter.

Shan said...

Love strawberry jam. My grandmother makes strawberry jam and usually gives us a jar for's one of our favorite presents and its so good we usually put it over our ice cream. I hope to one day get into canning. We are salsa addicts here. :) Love your Tray series! You are by far my favorite blogger!

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