August 27, 2014

Tray displays....some fun styling ideas

I've recently been listing some trays in my shop.  Today I thought it would be fun to share a few ideas on how you can use your trays to display your goodies.  

Here I've gathered some some office supply/crafty items & I've nestled them all on this scalloped rectangle tray.  Have a little tray on your work table or desk is a creative way to display your favorite or most used items. This vintage stapler is now in my shop also right here
If you're looking to do a little Fall crafting, trays are a great way to create little mini kits of your favorite crafting items.
These aluminum trays go great with anything tin or galvanized.  Here I used a small jello mold to hold some pretty paper flowers.
These decal trays are a favorite of mine.  There's a set of three in the shop now (x 2) and I love them in my craft room or in my kitchen area.  Here I've displayed a little office setting with a stapler, post it notes, some shipping tags and pens in an old glass frog.
You can switch things up for any holiday by using the trays as serving trays for drinks.  Here I've set 4 ironstone  mugs on a tray with some vintage spoons.  Instant hot cocoa tray that can be carried anywhere you choose.
This round scalloped tray is perfect for setting up a shipping station.  Nestle in a few tags, twine, paper clips and some pretty flowers and you've got a fun way to create some tags.
You can leave things a little messy too because the trays still contain everything in one tidy place.
Mason jars always find their way onto my trays.  Here I've used 4 blue mason jars, perfect for serving lemonade out on the porch.  Pair these with a simple vintage tea towel and you instantly create a homespun mood.
If you've got a favorite tray, feel free to link me up in the comments...or if you're on Instagram use #traytuesday or link me up at mishwooderson.  Be on the look out for more fun trays to be in my shop soon.  Thanks for stopping by!


Elizabeth V. said...

Such cute ideas! So often when you do these sorts of posts, I am compelled to fluff our nest and mix things up a bit...thank you. I love the Libby's jar with the paperclips. I was a Libby as a child...I'm going to have to watch for this type of jar!

Katie Skiff said...

Fun ideas - I like this fun thing you started!! I only have a couple designs, but I'm always on the look out for more!!

kolleen said...


Michelle said...

You fixed everything so pretty! Love it!

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