August 20, 2014

Project Life 2014.....Week 20

Today I'm sharing Week 20 of my Project Life 2014.  I'm behind in sharing and way behind on my weeks but that's okay.  The kids are back in school and I plan to whittle away at those photos day by day.  Still loving the process, still loving looking back at these albums.  

So here's the full, 2 page spread.  I kept it very simple this week and continue to do so to catch up a little. 
 These pages use the August kits from Gossamer Blue.
 My mom had a knee replacement to start the Summer off so it was a busy 6-8 weeks getting her on her feet again.  I finished my quilt top too.  Now I just need to finish the binding.  All those pretty plants are drying up now.  Funny how time passes so quickly.
 Love these little sticky notes to pieces.  I typed, stapled, stamped, stitched and stickered all over this one.
 Signs of Spring and baby kittens and my first Iris.
 Embracing every new "today".
Hope you're still trucking along with your Project Life.  Feel free to share your progress in the comments section.


Cindy B Designs said...

I hope your mom is dong better and will keep her in my prayers. I had a knee reconstruction on February 26, 2014, and it wasn't fun either. Not listening to the doctor's orders was even worse, so I need a touch-up. I thought when you turned 50 they could start replacing body parts. I was really counting on that!

I know your mom really appreciates having her loving daughter with her. I know that I would have appreciated it.

I hope she's back to herself in no time at all! I have a feeling you got your spunk from her :)

clgnmoon said...

Hello, your pages look wonderful. Can not wait to see your quilt. Hope your Mom is doing well hope all is well with everyone.Have a great day,

TheDuosclickinmom said...

I have most of June scrapbooked..minus two pictures. My printer decided to go nutso & can't seem to print quality pics anymore.
So, I thought I'd be smart and send my pictures to the local Walgreens. Problem: the images did not turn out as I needed. Now I am on attempt #2 with Walgreens. Once I have those two pictures scrapped, I will have successfully made it to the 1/2 yr mark. :)

Moonie said...

love love your pages Michelle.. can I ask about how you photograph your inserts and pages.. do you use a macro lens or not.. so clear xxx

Moonie said...
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Marian Garcia, Studio M said...

Very nice!

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