June 11, 2014

Picnic Corn Salad Revisited...

Today I'm sharing a delicious recipe that I make a lot every Summer.  It's called Picnic Corn Salad and you can find my original post and recipe here.  
 I've been collecting these limited edition blue and green jars from Ball and I love to use them for drinking glasses, storing leftovers, mixing up salad dressings and today I'm using them for my salad in a jar recipe. You can find them at Walmart, grocery stores, Target, Michael's (use your coupon) and lots of other places.
 I start with a lineup of fresh and simple ingredients.
 I mix up all the veggies except the lettuce to create my salad topping.
 Once the veggies are mixed with the salad dressing ingredients I divide the mixture up between my clean jars.  I store these with the lids on in the refrigerator until I'm ready put the lettuce in the jars and serve my salad.  You can add the lettuce in advance but if you want it really fresh and crispy, wait as long as you can.
 When I'm ready to serve my salad I stuff the lettuce into the jars.  I like to use a bagged romaine but any type of lettuce would work.
To serve the salad you just dump the salad upside down onto a dinner plate.  The salad dressing and chopped veggies that were on the bottom of the jar are now the topping for the salad.
 I love this as a meal but you could certainly add grilled chicken or fish or serve with steaks or burgers or another meat dish.
So light and refreshing, I hope you give it a try. 


Carole said...

I think I will make these for my daughter's graduation party !!! Thanks for the idea

Tami McBeain said...

Yum...can't wait to make this! Thanks for sharing your recipe!

Andrea said...

black beans also go great with those veggies if you want to add a little protein to your salad :) LOVE IT! Thanks for sharing

Lisca Meijer said...

What a great idea to put the salad in jars! I will certainly copy that idea. Thanks for sharing.

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