June 29, 2014

Catherine Quilt Progress...piecing a block improv style

I thought I would share some more of the process of my Catherine Quilt.  Today I'm sharing how I pieced together my improv blogs.  Kind of like a messy log cabin but just totally random sizes.  No measuring, I just started cutting pieces of fabrics.  I staged each block like this, putting together colors I liked mixed in with some of the linens.  
Starting with my first two pieces of fabrics that are similar in size I sewed them together then pressed open the seams. 
I trimmed the edges to be straight using my ruler and rotary trimmer.
Next I found the adjoining piece of fabric that was similar in size to my stitched together pieces. 
Each time I sewed on a new piece I pressed open the seams and trimmed the edges straight.
I kept sewing each stitched piece to the next piece close in size until I had enough blocks completed for the size of quilt I wanted. 
Here's the majority of my blocks spread out on my bed.  I ended up creating 16 blocks approximately 18" square in size for my quilt.
I was so happy to see this progress taking place.  The color and patterns just started to pop.  Next up, I'll be sharing how I sewed all the blocks together to form a quilt top.  Stay tuned....


Tina Campbell said...

Super cute blocks it's coming together so well :)

Becky said...

May i ask why you are pressing the seams open. When making a quilt you usually press to one side to strengthen the seam. That way with wear and washing your seams don't come undone.

robinann17 said...

Love, love, love your postings about this quilt! I used to quilt and your project lets me experience quilting without quilting! Win-win, I think! Your quilt is just beautiful! Can hardly wait to see more!

Suzy Girl said...

So anxious to see the finished product. Love what you have done and the colors are so nice.

Kirsten Juenke said...

I love it! I teach quilting classes and have been trying to teach myself to "break some rules" - I get way too uptight about instructions. And for your commenter asking about the pressing....in my beginner class we talk about the two camps of thought about it. It helps reduce bulk, and today's machines are much better than in the past, so seams are more secure. Also, open seams used to let batting "beard" but today's battings don't do that as much. I like closed seams for most patterns, especially for any butting seams. Can't wait to see the finished project - thanks so much for this inspiration!!!

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