May 21, 2014

Project Update: Catherine Quilt (piecing a #4)

While working on my Catherine Quilt blocks I thought it would be cool to incorporate a number 4 somewhere in my quilt.  The #4 represents the four of us.  My family.  When I see a #4 I think of us and it makes me happy.  
I wanted to keep my "no measuring" rule with this quilt so I just started cutting strips and piecing together a #4 like a puzzle.
Once I started sewing together the pieces, I knew it was so incorrect.  So, so against all things right with piecing blocks.
But I didn't care, I just kept on sewing together the pieces.
And I like it.  Actually I love it.
I'll be sharing the inspiration for my Catherine Quilt soon.  I'm sure you've all been wondering who Catherine is?

Question: I've gathered up some pretty terrific products for quilting.  Are you interested in seeing my favorite tools with links of where to buy?


Susan Coan said...

Please share!!!!
Always can learn from someone.

Rene Sharp said...

Would love you to share :)

~ Jo ~ said...

I love the concept and idea behind why you love that number! Great idea to include that into your quilt my friend! YES please share!!

Tami McBeain said...

What a great idea to add the 4 and it will make your quilt all the more special. Would love to see your list of favorite quilting supplies! Can't wait to hear the story behind your quilt!

clgnmoon said...

Would really love for you to share:)

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