May 13, 2014

Project Life 2014....Week 11 with inserts

Today I'm sharing Week 11 of my Project Life 2014 using the May Gossamer Blue kits. The main layout uses the Life Pages Kit only. I have purposely skipped over Week 10 of my Project Life as it features the week of the girls' accident and I just don't feel like sharing the personal details.  
I had several inserts for this week and you can see how those fit in between my main spread, below.
This is the two page weekly spread without any inserts.  I had lots of photos this week so it was easy to pull together this spread quickly, reaching for items from the Life Pages Kit.
The left page.....
The right page.....
I had a different page protector other than Design A for the left side of my spread.  I was able to use just a 3 x 4 journaling card for the weekly, dated insert.  When I don't have an alphabet that coordinates with my spread I like to type the week on a sticker like my Starburst Grid Paper Labels.  I use my office date stamp to fill in the dates.  The puffy camera sticker is from the Pink Paislee Hello Sunshine collection.
I used another Starburst Label Sticker to hold some stitches that Josey removed + a piece of glass that Jordan dug out of her head after the accident.  The arrow clip from Webster's Pages helped make a focal point to my journaling. I used Grid Paper Labels throughout this week's spread for more typed journaling.
Here I let the photos take front and center and I just used a flair badge designed by our own Traci Reed.
On to the inserts.  These two feature my husband's birthday celebration.
For the title card in the center of my layout I used the green glittery Heidi Swapp Favorite Things Photo Frame from the May Add-On Kit #2.
The letter stickers that I used on the card above and this border edge below are from the May Main Add-On Kit. To create this border I trimmed down the page protector and left about an inch of the plastic part longer than my photo inserts. I folded a piece of patterned paper and stitched it to create a border. When in the album, it creates a nice visual separation from the other pages.
The back of the insert features an afternoon I spent at the salvage yard going through the girls' Trailblazer after the wreck.  I had a moment that day when I had to reflect on all the trips we've taken in this vehicle and how oddly enough I was thankful that the beat up vehicle safely kept my girls inside during the wreck.  I said goodbye by documenting it in my Project Life album.
It was very hard for me to get back to working on my Project Life after the girls' wreck.  I knew I wanted to document that horrible day but each time I tried to print photos or do journaling I broke down.  I've made it through though and I still get very emotional right now when I work on my pages. I am just so thankful that my life with my girls continues on.  Each and every photo of of them is a blessing and I find myself just sitting and reflecting, sometimes with tears dropping all over my projects.

I guess my message for today is this....keep on going with your albums, keep taking photos, keep working even though you might be months and months behind.  The photos and the stories and the memories that are tucked into our albums are priceless treasures.  Also remember to keep the focus on the photos + the stories.  The embellishments and little pretties are definitely a fun part of memory keeping but I always try to keep the focus on the real reason I document my family stories.

Also today I have a blog post up over at Gossamer Blue showing you how I created a flipper insert with a stitched pocket.  I'll be showing that full spread here on the blog soon.

Have a blessed day everyone. Life is so good, isn't it?


Anonymous said...

I love that your main focus is on the photos (although I am a big fan how how you embellish) and that you include so many! I am so glad your girls are ok!
I've been wondering how I will document my in-law's house burning down - just a month ago. I know I want to document all the memories and just how thankful we are that they were both able to get out of the house in time!
Just keep going - a good thing to keep in mind! :)

Unknown said...

So happy to hear that your family is safe and sound. And very happy to hear that you are still doing project life, your pages are amazing they always give me such inspiration.

Kristie said...

Thank God your girls are safe. What a scary thing to have to go through. For you and for them of course.

Jen Cuthbertson said...

I've been a follower for a while and was horrified by the accident and can't believe how it must have felt to get that call. My husband was hit on his motorcycle 4 years ago and I remember it like it was yesterday (3 surgeries later and a few plates/pins, he's fine.) I've been stuck since Amelia was born last September with wanting to make her album perfect and your post today was the last straw to get me moving on it. I may not remember everything for the last 8 months but I remember the highlights and want to make sure I document all of the crazy stuff that is coming/has come recently (crawling, pulling up, a tooth!) Thank you so much for the inspiration and sharing a little bit of yourself with us.

~ Jo ~ said...

Great job on your spread for week 11 and your inserts of hubby's birthday. I really feel for you Michelle. I know how hard it must be to look at the vehicle after the crash and the horrifying thoughts of what could have happened must come to mine. The most important thing is the girls are alive and well and that is a part of your life that you can choose to document or leave it out. I know you will be strong enough to do what you need to do for yourself and family.


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