May 27, 2014

Project Life Week 13 insert using Instagrams + Design U PL page protectors

In my last Project Life post I used a Project Life Design U page protector to add in some some photos.  You can see the full weekly spread here.  It was so easy to put this spread together because I didn't worry about what size photos to print.  I just printed them all at 2.5" square for this one page. 
I ended up using lots of 3 x 4 from the May Gossamer Blue kits which included some fantastic designs by Peppermint.  I loved the white edge at the bottom of the cards.  I was able to create a really organized looking page but was still able to add lots of embellishments and journaling.  It kind of reminds me of the Collect App look that many are using on the iPhones these days. 
Some of the cards were already designed with the white strip like the ones on the top of the photo below.  Some were created by me with more patterned paper and my sewing machine.
Again, here's what the page looked like when the embellishments and journaling were added.  
Such an easy way to add lots of photos, I love it and will definitely be using the Design U pages again.  


Debbie said...

LOVE it Michelle...sometimes we just have to get r done right ?! As always...very classy!!

~ Jo ~ said...

I have to say I agree with Debbie Michelle! Very classy! I love how it is all uniform and clean... =)
By the way, sent you an email... please read it!! LOL

Peppermint said...

Love this post! You've illustrated the exact reason why I design my journaling cards that way. I like square photos, and since I use a 6x8 Project Life album it lets me get the most bang for my buck, space-wise. But sewing your own is above and beyond!

Serene said...

Very nice! What kind of photo printer do you use?

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