July 25, 2013

Project Life 2013....Week 20 with veggie seed flip pocket

Lots of blogging going on around here and I'm continuing today with Week 20 of my Project Life 2013 album.  I'm trying to get all my posts caught up here because in August.....hang on to your hats.  As soon as the girls get back in school, I'm planning to offer up more Project Life fun.  I'll be kicking things off by introducing you to the first Gossamer Blue Life Pages kits.  I'll be showing you my project pages all month long + I'll be introducing in more Project Life topics....like my reorganized PL work area, my new PL planner book and more.  So hang on while I get my weeks caught up a bit here on the blog.  :)  Card makers....don't worry, I have lots in store for you too here on the blog like new kits, fresh cards, etc.  

Okie doke, here's Week 20.  We were wrapping up the school year here and the kids were itching to be done with classes.  Gardening season was upon us..everything was fresh and green.
Josey was finishing up track season which still lasted past school for a week or so.  Summer vacation was just around the corner. 
My main dated insert.  Lots of stickers and chipboard, some stamps from Studio Calico, a Small Manila Parcel Tag from my shop.  
I've been combining 2 similar photos on one 4 x 6 insert lately.  This saves space instead of using up two slots.  For convenience since they're sticky backed, I've been typing journaling onto Notebook Paper Labels.  I love adding little ampersand embellishments in between the photos. 
Here I made a 4 x 6 flipper that opens to the right like a book page.  This photo shows all the seed packets we planted from this year. 
When the flipper pocket is opened there is typed journaling on the back side of the flipper.  The other 4 x 6 insert on the left has a ledger paper band stitched onto it.  A few of the seed packets I saved were slipped inside.  I used my sewing machine to stitch on the trimmed down flipper page protector. 
School's out for Summer! I was lucky enough to get this photo of Jordan walking out of school because I was there to pick her up to ride to a track meet.  I love seeing all of her bags filled with locker stuff.  
The typical weather shot and Jordan's text to me that she met her reading goal.  
Here I used another Notebook Paper Label which was cut in half to journal on 2 separate inserts.  
A new puppy for the grandparents and some journaling on an embellished journaling card I had in my stash.  The sequins I sprinkled throughout the layout are from my Neutral Sequin Collection.  Just a few of these left in the shop. 
A few inserts this week.  This is the front and back of a 5 x 7 insert.  I used the Becky Higgins Project Life page protector.  The left has a simple 5 x 7 photo with Elle's Studio journaling tag.  The right has some birthday cards I received. 
Some more from the 5 x 7 insert.  A little scrappy page about some vintage finds and more birthday cards.  
A close up of the vintage mini page.  This size seems to be a perfect size for me to scrapbook.  Much larger than this and I get stage fright.  It's true, I can't scrap large pages for some reason.  
It's all in the books.

A true fact for you....as of today I have ZERO...that would be NILCH, NADA, NONE....photos on my iPhone.  I transferred to a new phone and I made it a goal to get over 1,000 photos emailed to my big computer.  Done!  I'm about 3 weeks behind on Project Life...down from about 9.  That feels good too.  How are you coming along?

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