July 16, 2013

July Gossamer Blue....handmade journaling cards using Simple Stories

Hello, I'm continuing the blog posts this week with lots of Project Life inspiration using the July Gossamer Blue kits.  As our little community continues to grow the kits are selling out a little quicker.  So be sure to visit the store first thing on the 1st of every month....or shop a day early if you are a subscriber.  As a reminder, in August Gossamer Blue will debut it's first Life Pages kit.  I've completed my first full spread using just the Life Pages kit and I love how it turned out.  I'll be back later this week with some sneak peeks and tell you a little bit more about how the Life Pages kits will work for you.  I'm so excited.  Oh, and just wait until you see the list of all the new Life Pages designers.  It's gonna be so awesome... 

Today I have another lot of embellished journaling cards using a lot of the Simple Stories products from the July Gossamer Blue kits.  There's something about sitting down with the kits each month and just embellishing journaling cards.  Like I've said before, it's a great way to give journaling cards your own handmade style + if you have some journaling cards sitting there that are like Baby & always get stuck in the corner...it's time to give them a makeover.  "Cuz nobody puts Baby in the corner".  And now I want to watch Dirty Dancing...again.  "I carried a watermelon".  Okay, I'll stop. 

Okay, here's some 4 x 6 inserts that I just love.  The fun part about all of the Simple Stories products is that they already have a handmade flair to them.  When you look at their finished products, sometimes you can't tell if a layer is printed or actually separate layers.  I love that.  
So then when you add more of your own embellishments, it's super fantastic.  Super fantastic?  The girls and I just made iced coffees and mine must be super strong for me to be this spastic.  :) Anyway, this is probably my favorite piece I made all month.  The postcard is so cute and when topped with the puffy geotag sticker, the camera brad and the cork arrow...what could be better.  
I'm always a sucker for pretty florals so this 4 x 6 insert was fun also.  So who got a Gossamer Blue July Color Kit? This was an awesome kit because it has all kinds of chalkboard surfaces and chipboard pieces + a white Signo Uniball pen and a white chalk pencil.  Hello?  You'll see that I used these products a lot on my projects this month. On this insert I used the gel pen to make white dots and to draw a circle on the round chalkboard sticker.  
Here are my 3 x 4 journaling cards.  Fun little topper strips, handcut flags, more of the chalkboard pieces with the gel pen outlines.....and stitching on all of them. 
These were already made pieces but I added some ink splatters, enamel dots and some dots using the white gel pen.  
And look at what I have still have leftover.  I put all of these goodies into a big Project Life plastic envelope and will use them on upcoming spreads.  Kind of like a mini kit to use throughout the month. 
So many little tidbits ready to be plopped on some inserts.  
Lots of the chalkboard stickers were embellished with the gel pen and little phrase stickers.  
Some outlining and doodles on the chalkboard stickers.  I think I need to sharpen that chalk pencil and write some words on them now.  
Okay, that's it for today.  Jordan is convinced that she's making a pie today from our Amish cookbook. This definitely needs to be monitored so I better head up to the kitchen.  Thanks for stopping by and may I highly suggest you grab an iced coffee today!!  


Wendy said...

I love your handmade cards. You've got me itchin' to make some myself, and to watch Dirty Dancing!

Tammy B said...

you have inspired me with this post, thanks!

SammyD said...

Love all your handmade journaling card posts... heading to the craft room now!

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