July 20, 2013

Project Life 2-13...Week 18....a week with my sister

Hope you're all having a nice weekend.  We're off to see the matinee movie of Grown Ups 2.  I've been waiting for it all Summer.  

Today I'm sharing Week 18 of my Project Life 2013.  My sister was back staying at her lake house all week and we had such a blast.  
Just a fun mix of photos...lots of photos filling the pockets.  
We did a lot of thrifting so it was fun to add in those types of photos.
For the main, dated insert I used a Becky Higgins Project Life card which was adhered to a larger patterned pattern base.  I added lots of stamps, a Small White Tag, corkboard accents and one of my tiny little camera Instagrams.  
Here I added the weather insert and used an exclusive Gossamer Blue wood stamp.
Out and about on a walk, I need these reminders to keep on walkin'.
This was fun.  I stitched on a Rounded Flap Glassine Envelope then trimmed off the excess.  I then added a Large Manila Parcel Tag which was trimmed down too.  Just trying some new ideas.
I love to add signage to my Project Life and this thrift store sign was cool.  I added typewriter journaling to a Starburst Grid Paper Label.
Here was another fun signage display of a banner.  I used another Starburst Label for journaling.
I had made these two 3 x 4 cards earlier for Gossamer Blue and am putting them to use this week.  On the left I used an Elle's Studio card and stitched on some vellum.  I cut the card at an angle then added a Medium Parcel Tag.  On the right I used another Elle's Studio card and backed it with a grid card.  I then stitched around the square, added a vellum piece with typewriter journaling & secured it with Washi Tape.  The stamps on this card are from Elle's Studio too.  
Here I used small square photos on some lined journaling cards.  Love little Stella, she rides on a little pillow and is such the licker and kisser.  Miniature weenie dogs have loooong tongues and will catch you off guard at any moment.
Vintage finds, these photos bring back good memories.  I love the orange took box and plan to display it with an old school map of the world.  It has lots of orange in it.  On the right, my sister has an ongoing joke with chickens.  We had to snap her photo with all of these chicken trophies.  Sometimes ya just gotta be there, I guess.  :)
I loved when the thrift store lady was adding our tags to her tally notebook.  It really puts it into perspective to see all the crap you're buying. Ha!  And on the right, my sister can pack a trunk load of junk like no other.  Just step aside and let the queen work her magic.
So, so happy to have this week in the books.  This is the type of week that I love.  Just a bunch of photos that evoke so many fun memories.  I know down the road, while my sister and I are sitting with stacks of hoarded junk all around us, we'll laugh at all the fun we had.  

Project Life status update:  I worked soooo hard yesterday on my album.  The girls got invited to the lake and then had volleyball practice so I had a full day to myself, the first time since school was out.  I fixed a huge iced coffee, got all buzzed up, and went to work.  :)  I was about 8 weeks behind and now I'm down to 3 weeks behind.  My plan is to get all caught up before we leave on vacation in one week. I know I can do it!!

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Unknown said...

It looks like this was a great week for you and your sister! I just got home from some family time with my siblings and can't wait to work on the week for Project Life. Some stories are too good to forget! Thanks for sharing in the inspiration.

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