October 2, 2012

Project Life 2012..Week 28

Today I'm sharing Week 28 of my Project Life.  I'm a little behind on my blogging my PL layouts as you can see because this spread is from a week in July.   I've got several more weeks photographed and ready to blog so you'll be seeing those posts soon.  

Week 28, Project Life 2012

This week was filled with lots of Summer time activities like having table tops lined with garden pickings and lots of softball.  Here's my 2 page spread.  
I'm finding that in order for me to get caught up and work on my PL pages in a timely manner, I need to simplify.  Having the 4 x 6 slots filled with actual 4 x 6 photos is a huge help.  The photos speak for themselves and don't need any embellishing.  
Typed journaling also helps me to keep my journaling blocks to a smaller size.  I use lots of the Grid Paper Labels on my photos to tell the stories.  I've also been taking note of how quickly my albums are filling up.  I'll definitely be needing 2 albums for 2012 but I really don't want 3.  I've been using flat embellishments like stickers, labels, patterned paper and lots of stamping.  I actually like how it makes my pages look more clean and simple.  I've also been filling the 3 x 4 slots with more journaling...more stories that I hand write or type....keeping the focus on the photos + the stories.  
This photo of the girls was one of my favorites from this Summer.  They were getting a little bored and I'd find them zoned out just listening to music....with pillows on their heads.  Ha.  
My tomatoes were plentiful this Summer, the best crop yet.  I made lots of salsa and we had lots of BLT's.  I love these photos I captured of them.  This Winter when I look back at these pages, I will be reminded of how bright and beautiful they were.  
This week was full of softball.  We went to a big end of season tournament and I took lots of photos of the girls' team taking 1st place.  Most of those photos will go into some insert pages that I still need to do.  The photo below is of a restaurant we went to.  I used Studio Calico stamps for the food theme. 
More Studio Calico stamps for these photos of Charlie.
Here I added an Instagram of all the date stamps of some recent PL inserts.  A label and Washi tape make for simple accents.  On the right I took a photo of some of the characteristics that a 13 year old like Jordan may have.  So true! This insert coincides with a photo of the girls getting their school physicals. 
Simple 3 x 4 inserts here, some of my favorites.  Love getting the stories told.  
Some more simple photos, typewriter journaling and stamping.  
So how are we coming along with our Project Life pages?  I'm behind but not too far gone that I can't catch up.  I sat down and devised a plan to be all caught up by November.  For me that means I need to do 2 PL layouts a week up until November 1st.  I did 2 for last week and am determined to keep on schedule.  I set the November 1st goal so that I could concentrate on making some Daily December pages in November and then actually creating my Daily December pages throughout December.  I'll be sharing my Daily December plans later this week in another Project Life post where I'll also have a give away.  In the meantime, come back tomorrow as I'll be sharing my project for an October Afternoon Witch Hazel blog hop.  :)

I'm loving the Witch Hazel collection for my Halloween projects.  I've been pairing the products up with lots of the Halloween/Fall goodies from my shop.  I'm determined to get all my little treat sacks done up early this year so I can pass them out to my little niece and the girls' friends + a few teacher friends.  My Mixed Greetings Card Kit is also still available in the shop.  I've already created a nice little gift for my mother-in-law using one of the cards for her actual birthday and a few to add to her stash for a gift.  

Okay, off to do some more creating and blogging for this week.  Be sure to check out Becky's blog for some birthday celebrations.  She has a very cool video to share today.  Thanks for stopping by.  :)


lam said...

Love your pages , so much inspiration here. I`m also behind with my PL but only 2 weeks

Melissa said...

So happy to see a PL layout... and kudos for setting a schedule to catch up! I agree, 4x6 full photos is a great way to speed the process. I have actually been in a groove where I fill 4-5 of those slots with full photos and the other 2-3 with a smaller 2.5x3.5 (cropped with Photoshop) mounted on patterned paper. Keeping the same "second option" size standard makes it go fast (no thinking) but still gives me the splash of paper color/pattern. I just center the cropped image on a 4x6 canvas and when I trim it I keepnsome of the white as a border.

libbywilko said...

I love the streamline version of your PL as much as the more scrappy one :) Great tips on how to plan and catch up PL if you are behind.

Teri Berrios said...

Im going to join you on this catch up system you have of doing two weeks each week until Nov. 1st. I am just as behind as you (on week 31). I too have started taking more 4x6 pictures and will be adding those as I go - it does make it so much easier. I'm also trying to keep it more simple.

Thanks for all your inspiration!!
Hugs, T

graphics_girl said...

Unique? I don't know. I do like to put a baseball card insert in every year and include some of my kids best valentines from school. I also try to include a gas reciept every week (since I'm always getting gas) to show the change in price.

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