October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone! Decorating for Halloween has always been a favorite holiday activity of mine.  I have to say though that as my girls grow older, I miss the buzz of getting costumes ready, preparing treat sacks for classmates and friends and the excitement that comes with preparing for the big day.  My girls are going to friends' houses after school that live in neighboring towns.  There's lots more action there than out here in the country.  I sent the reds out the door with a heavy coat, money and a treat sack that I made for them.  Jordan did carve a pumpkin last night so I was happy to get some shots of that.  You're never too old to carve a pumpkin.  

We do have a few littles left in the family though so I made some treat sacks for them.  I used some  printed sacks that I had in my stash and reached for my October Afternoon Witch Hazel collection.  
 A few splashes of orange Sprinkler spray mist, some Washi tape and a cute little die cut finished off each treat sack.
 For my two girls, they like the gory side of Halloween.  I used red spray mist for their treat sacks to resemble dripping blood.  And a few good blood spatters for my forensic science loving Jordan.
 I stitched some accents onto some journaling cards to make some quick and easy tags.  Black polka dot ribbon for all the sacks and that was it.
Hope you enjoy your festivities tonight.  We'll be out and about looking at all the kiddos in the neighborhoods all dressed up.  I just can't resist.  What are your Halloween traditions?  I'd love to hear from you.  :)


Gail S. said...

Happy Halloween!! Beautiful weather here in Nebraska (tho we could use some rain, but not like the east coast!) Love your treat bags. I made packages of "Pumpkin Poop" sacks filled with candy corn and a cute poem attached.

Linda said...

Love the treat bags. Where did you find the printed sacks?

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