October 22, 2012

Project Life 2012, Week 30

Back to the blog today with Week 30 of my Project Life 2012.  We were winding up the last of July.  Still very hot with temps in the 105 degree range, lots of swimming in the pool, the Olympics started and we had a small family gathering.
This week I had some new My Mind's Eye papers and Washi tape sitting on my work desk.  Seems like a good time to use what's sitting out.  
I had pre-made some journaling cards using the plain, grid Project Life cards as a base.  There were lots of blues this month in my photos which dictated the main color scheme for my weekly spread.
Every so often I like to add in what week it is in the form of a title.  This helps to gauge where I am in my Project Life album but also it gives us a countdown of sorts to how many weeks have passed by this year already. This 4 x 6 spread talks about our entertainment of the week...a game of Trouble and Magic Mike with some friends.
Here I have a few photos of home decor....a new inspiration board for my work room + some recovering of the kitchen stools.  
Here I captured a bit of technology in use...Josey, her boyfriend and Eric all playing Coin Dozer.  There was just a wee contest going on at this time.
This photo is one that as a mother I can only laugh and know that in years to come this will be so funny.  It's a constant struggle for the girls to keep their rooms clean.  Here, Jordan had taken all her clothes and thrown them on the floor so she could sort them out.  In the midst of all this mess, she also decided to move her bed around.  I guess as they say, pick your battles.
It seems as though little Charlie boy is getting quite spoiled right about now.  Although he has a nice snuggly bed, he prefers Josey's bed.  And my bed.  And the sofa. And my favorite green chair.  Any place but the floor.  He is a mess of an overgrown puppy.
The Olympics started and we settled in each night with our favorite events.
The drought we had this Summer was the hot topic so to speak.  Temperatures up to 105, no rain and everything was just dead and dry.  
Here I used an Elle's Studio journaling card to give a recap of the week.  On the right Josey is showing me her muscles, a weekly occurrence it seems.The girl loves to lift weights.
Some 3 x 4 embellished cards, two of my faves from this weekly spread.  More talk of the drought and poor Charlie popped his basketball.  Seems we can't find any toys that Charlie doesn't destroy, eat or tear up.
I also had an insert this week.  I used a Design I Photo Pocket Page which is perfect for holding some square Instagrams.  
I made small collages of my little niece Marlee who came over to swim one day.  I used the top pocket to add some patterned paper, some journaling made from a Project Life 3 x 4 grid card and my typewriter and some stitched on chipboard letters.
Very simple but I was able to document a fun story without having to worry about creating a full layout or adding a lot of bulky embellishments.
On the back of the insert which measures 4 x 12, with 3 pockets, I added some extra photos from the week.  I'm always excited when I actually complete the inserts for the week also because I know there are more stories told for the week.
So how is your Project Life coming along?  I'm trucking along.....taking photos, making notes in my calendar and enjoying the creative process.  So thankful to have this method of scrapbooking.  


Anonymous said...

Your work never ceases to amaze me. I haven't had the guts to start Project Life yet. I'm getting married in August and think I will start it then. :)


Amanda said...

Just want to start off by saying that I love your vintage crafty style. I love seeing new posts when I come to your blog and cant wait to see what you have created. I am just wondering about the grid paper you use as the background on your 4x6 pockets. Where do you get it? THANKS!!!!

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