February 5, 2012

Papertrey & My Favorite Things

Hey everyone. It's going to be a great month with Papertrey as we're celebrating our 5th anniversary this month. There are going to be lots of fun posts from Nichole and the Design Team + lots of contests and prizes. And can I just add that this month's release is fabulous? I can't wait for you to see all the new fun and fresh designs being released on the 15th of this month.

In the graphic above you'll a photo of my favorite project for 2011. I had a blast creating button cards one day and blogged about them several times on how I used them on various projects. You can see a few of those posts here, here and here. You'll also notice a list of my top 5 (well 6 actually) products from Papertrey. I thought about my favorite products and stamps were definitely at the top of the list. The first four from the my favorites list are stamps that came about from sketches and concepts that I submitted to Nichole. She worked her illustrating magic and turned my ideas into the most creative stamp sets that I could have ever imagined. These are stamps that were conjured up from the heart...stamps that I knew I would use personally....inspired by things that I love...things that have meaning to me. I love that Papertrey allows its designers to have the creative freedom to design and/or submit their ideas to the company...and then have them come to fruition. I think that's why Papertrey has some of the best stamps on the market. The designs are well thought out and meaningful, timeless and beautifully executed. I hope that you too have enjoyed our designs.

Papertrey has created a wonderful little family too. Since my beginnings with Papertrey in July of 2008, we've had some great laughs. My favorite, funny moment with Papertrey was at CHA a few years ago during the Papertrey Supershow event. It was hard, hard work and very tiring by the time it was all said and done. We had a great time with the customers and it's always a good time when I get to see my Papertrey co-workers. Nichole's husband David is always a trooper. He's so calm and just works along at a steady pace. I always like to razz him a little bit just for fun. He was vacuuming the carpet in the booth one day and we were all frazzled because the electrical outlet only allowed the vacuum cord to reach about 10 feet. I devised a plan for David. I found some cardboard tubes that were leftover from some paper rolls we lined the make and take tables with. I added about 3 of the tubes to the end of the vacuum hose so that it extended about 15 feet. Viola, a solution for David. He could literally stand in one spot and vacuum the entire booth almost. We were all tired and slap happy by that time so we had a good laugh at that one!

Today the rest of the Design Team is joining me in celebrating our favorite products and Papertrey memories. Be sure to visit Nichole's blog to follow along with the festivities today and all month long.


Gina said...

I was just looking back at CHA posts from PTI past and saw the gift wrap tube vacuum. So. Funny! I gave "Mish's Notebooks" to friends for Christmas this year and they were a *huge* hit. Love, love, love them! Thank you for creating them and sharing with us!! :) I love reading your blog, checking on your Project Life (which I just started) and seeing your other projects. Thanks for the inspiration, Mish!!!

Wendy ten Hove said...

Congrats on the anniversary! Your projects are always so fabulous! Love the inspiration! I'm so happy that Papertrey is here in the crafting world!! Thanks for sharing all your projects!!
Hugs, Wendy

Deirdre said...

Thanks so much for sharing your top 6 and for the amazing inspiration. Love everything you create.

Diana F. said...

The stamp sets you designed with Nicole are my all time favorites that I go back to again and again. I hope you both continue the partnership with designing stamp sets, you guys make a great team. I love your creations and visit your blog every single day. I just think you are awesome. So happy you are continuing with PTI and I am excited to see what you do with the new releases!

SugarGem said...

Mwhahaha that is hilarious. I love it. You are creative in all aspects of life....... so cool. Thank you for your inspiration always. Lenae

Holly Saveur said...

LOVE those stamps too and your work!Use your stamps sooooo often they are much loved !

Kathy said...

Your button cards made me want the stamps so much! I usually want a tall glass of lemonade when I see your creations and read your blog...even if it's dead winter outside!! Love, love your work Michelle.

Nancy said...

Thank you for so many wonderful years of inspiration! I love the way you put colors together! Beautiful designs!

Sheryl Berglund said...

Michelle, thank you so much for all the inspiration you provide on your blog. I look forward to every update! This is one of the first places I go when needing ideas for a card/project. I love that you chose Button Boutique as one of your top 5 faves. I remember when that set was being released....and how I actually lost sleep over it as I was so excited about it! Thank you again for being so willing to share your creations with all of us PTI addicts! I created three cards today using Button Boutique and have them posted on my blog.




Annie Rose said...

You have always been my favorite designer for PTI.. each of your projects made me SO happy and your button cards are no exception.

You have inspired me week after week and I look forward to seeing everything else you create! Thank you for sharing your talent with the rest of us! :)

-Annie Rose

Lou Spiden said...

HI Michelle,
Just sharing the love for PTI's birthday month and I am guilty of being a lurker but wanted to say how much I enjoy your projects each month - your personality shines right through the screen!

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