February 16, 2012

PIP Day....Project Life In Progress..Week 6

It's PIP Day for Week 6 of my Project Life. PIP Day is where I snap a few shots of my Project Life in Progress for the week and offer some open discussion topics. Still loving PL, still going strong.

Product Picks:
This week I enjoyed sorting through my newest stash of My Mind's Eye products I got from 2Peas, particularly the Be Amazing Follow Your Heart line. The colors in this collection really coordinated well with my photos this week which had lots of blues and golden yellows. The 6 x 6 patterned paper pad gave me lots of fun patterns to choose from. I'll be adding inserts this week from Josey's Winter Ball which will have mainly a bright blue color from her dress, so these colors will coordinate well with those pages too. I'm also excited to also break out my new Studio Calico Awesome and Epic stamps, perfect for Project Life.
Chit Chat:
So what are your thoughts on Project Life so far this year? I am still loving the process. I'm reading a lot about some of you getting behind, perhaps not even starting, and getting a little overwhelmed. Project Life is definitely a work in progress. It takes a fair amount of devotion of time, planning and effort for sure. With jotting down notes in my calendar, planning out my layouts, printing photos at home and the time I work on my albums.....I am probably spending a good 4-5 hours total on this project a week. I dabble with it here and there and that is the fun of it for me. I get to work on little pieces at a time and it's the perfect scrapbooking fix for me. Aside from additional inserts, this is the extent of my scrapbooking (maybe a few mini books here and there). So the time spent on my Project Life albums is very rewarding to me. To see 6 weeks down in the books is really great.

This week I want to tell a few more stories in depth. I've got two Project Life folded journaling cards ready to use. I like that I can add in more journaling without adding additional inserts.
I'm also trying to condense some photos down so that they fit into the main pages instead of adding so many inserts. I did this with some photos I took while taking Charlie for a walk down our country road. Was totally planning on an insert page but then just printed smaller photos so they fit in the main layouts. My challenge is to tie those photos together somehow using embellishments and coordinating papers. I've got a fun idea planned for those hexagons I hand cut from the MME patterned paper.
My inspiration this week is coming from my past Project Life albums. I'm setting them out and going back to the same months from a year ago. It's so fascinating to see what was happening then. My hopes for my Project Life albums are to finish albums throughout the girls' high school years. Then when they leave the nest I'll evaluate how I want to scrapbook with Project Life.

This week:
I feel that our weeks are very much the same. Basketball, basketball, basketball. Cold and dreary weather. I'm definitely ready for a change of pace and am looking forward to Spring weather and outside activities. Am hoping to catch up on any inserts that need to be completed and perhaps finish up the 2 weeks I'm missing from December 2011. That is ambitious for me though. ;)

Shop update:
I'll be receiving lots of new designs of sacks next week so stay tuned for a shop update. I'm also going to be adding more kits to the shop here and there. I've got a few of my button card kits + my Gray & Grid kits left too. Lots of restocks coming in the near future which I'll add to the shop as I get orders in. Thanks so much for shopping with me.

Have a great day everyone!!


Rosie Lilya said...

You expressed exactly how I have felt this month about our weeks- BASKETBALL and more BASKETBALL! I am loving PL, I too feel like this is manageable for my life and I am ENJOYING the process. Much more aware of living in the moment. I get emotional thinking that this will be the first album I will actually complete for my family in a VERY long time.
You have even motivated me to print pics from home.Thank you for the inspirations and keep those great kits coming :)

Julie Boeck said...


I thank you once again for so much motavation! Like I said on twitter with you, I am behind but I am getting myself organized with you tips on past posts and I can see it getting much easier.

I am now using a calendar to keep track of things. I was relying on memory (yikes!!) I also decided that printing some pics at home is going to be a must. In the past I decided against that (in order to save ink) but since we don't have a photo developer really close, a quick trip to develop pics just doesn't happen!

I look forward to seeing your completed pages! Thanks again for the inspiration.

lam said...

is my first year with Pl and I`m still loving the process. I love that I can use as much or as little time on it as I want to.
I love coming to your blog and get inspiration

Laura O'Donnell said...

love the idea of PIP, Mish!

for me the hardest part or maybe biggest chore is getting the photos printed. Once I have the prints its smooth sailing.

anya said...

I so enjoy these PIP posts, Mish!

When I first started PL this year I was printing photos right after the week ended. As things have progressed it sometimes is the middle of the week or even the next weekend before I have the chance to get my photos printed. This always makes me feel like I am behind... I know that I really am not, but I feel like I need to have it all in front of me before I can start. Do you work on your PL at all before you print your photos or do you wait until you have them to put things together?

Thank you for your fantastic inspiration!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for sharing your pictures! I just love your project life and seeing how you pull it all together. You are so creative and I really like your style! I also like to print my photos with a white border around them. Can you please tell me how you get the white border around your smaller photos? Especially the ones of your dog this week with the white strip down the middle of the two pictures? Thank you :)

Candy Bryant said...

My Red just turned 27 and she's still home!
MY PL is filled with basketball since my grandson moved back and we can watch the game every weekend. It is also filled with things my husband & I do. Last year we flew to Lanai for our 35th anniversary. This year we're staying home, but going to dinner. My Red spent 2 weeks in New York and my album has photos from her awesome trip. A friend visited recently and we spent time at Ala Moana Beach park. We saw seven different couples come to the water's edge for pictures, they will go in as mini pics. I'll add a memorial to Whitney Houston. So I may be part empty nester, but I still find so much to document. I love it. Aloha.

StakiMama said...

I seem to have found a good rhythm, printing on a Sunday arvo or Monday morning & spending snippets of time over the next few days getting it done. I plan my pages & my stories more than I did last year. I am also finding that when I have finished my week I still want to be creative so I have been doing other scrapbooking too...I made a start on a OLW album, scrapped an older photo of my girls, scrapped a chart for my school girls for the mornings & made a digital subway art in photoshp. Loving this project.

Samantha said...

I always enjoy your PIP posts, Mish. I spent today organizing my photos and uploading them to Costco so my husband can pick them up for me when he's in the "big city" tomorrow. I also did some digi scrapping for my PL album, so I'm really excited about that, too. The notes I keep in my calendar are really helping me out, and so far, I haven't run out of anything to photograph! Yay!

Leena said...

I'm still getting the hang of it & hopefully the momentum stays that way. During the weekdays, I'll be too tired after work to do any preparation on my page at all. So, I usually spend Sat catching up with the previous week spread. Right now, I'm enjoying the process very much. Thanks so much for sharing your weekly progress and pages! They're truly inspiring! :)

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