January 13, 2011

Thursday Things...

Hey friends. Thanks so much for the nice comments on my Papertrey post today. I just knew that Fisher Price farm would evoke lots of memories. I googled the farm and there are lots out there if you want the old kind.

Stay tuned tomorrow (11pm my time tonight) for another fun group post from the Papertrey girls. The birthday fun continues!

Etsy shop update today with fun new kits and cards HERE.

Doing Project Life this year? Check out the fun links on Becky's blog today. I think you might recognize one. :) :) :) I'll be updating my week 2 soon and showing you my printer station.

One Little Word. ....my word this year is Progress. Some things I'm doing really good at. Some things not so much. Need some motivation.

Tonight.....the reds have their first game of their delayed basketball tournament. Go REDS!


Kim H. said...

Woo hoo! You are on Becky Higgins website! That is AWESOME! Congrats!!!!!

Tami McBeain said...

Go Mishy! Congrats on being on Becky's blog...isn't she your BFF? ;) Good luck to your girls on their game! Go Reds!

Pat said...

Congrats, Mish. I was just reading Becky's blog and it was like "Hey, I know her!" I'm doing Project Life, too, but adding monthly One Little Word and a weekly Gratitude Journal as part of it.

Anonymous said...

Hello Mish,

I'm so glad you shared about "One Little Word". I was pleasantly surprised when the word that came to me was "Rest".

Since I work full time, have had some major projects and changes there, and my husband now has cancer, life has not been restful.

So I am looking forward to exploring the depths of meaning in rest, repose, refreshment, renewal, recreation, serenity, ease, relief, comfort, etc. I am finding magnificent quotes to include in the notes of my journey of discovery.

I'm considering making it "copy-able" to be able to share it as a gift to special friends, or folks going through troubled waters. Just have to figure out a workable format.

I'm really delighted to have found "my" word. It really is like a special gift to me from my kind Heavenly Father who does enfold and comfort us, no matter what.

Blessings to you for all you share.

Honey Bee

Diana said...

YAY!!! I'm so glad you were featured on Becky's blog, because your blog entry was so helpful (to put it mildly) for me in setting up my PL kit. I'm glad other people will get to read through it, too.

joanieg said...

Beautiful and I love the colors u used!



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