January 28, 2011

Project Life Week 3..additional layouts

TGIF everyone! I have a few more pages from last week. These were inserts I added to my Project Life pages using We R Memory Keepers divided page protectors. I find mine at Archiver's and Scrapbooks, Etc in Topeka, Kansas.

This first layout features the girls getting off the bus. We have about a month of free days with no sports so it's fun for me to watch the girls get dropped off at home by the bus.
A snippet of journaling using a piece from the Project Life journaling cards, typewriter journaling and mini staples.
Another one page spread of a bowling party and lunch the girls went to last week.
The largest 6 x 8 area was used to hold some school papers. I used a piece of patterned paper and a sticker that I added sticker letters and stamping to to hold the papers down. Simply stitch across the top to make a flap. Love this technique.
One of the 4 x 6 inserts with smaller photo, typewriter journaling, and a sticker adhered to a cut up gridded journaling card from Project Life. Machine stitching was added to the corner.
Here, I used my typewriter to type on some stickers. Just cut the sticker out and leave the adhesive on the back. These were also stitched onto the 4 x 6 inserts with my sewing machine.
And here's a two page spread using more of the divided page protectors. Last Friday the girls had a dance....and Eric and I went on a date to a Chinese restaurant we've been frequenting since we started dating when we were 15. Still the same ol' place, same menu, same decor.
The left page shows the dance photos....the girls getting ready, eating supper and a few shots of their friends. Papers and chipboard accents are from Crate Paper's Restoration line. For the journaling accent on the right side, I typed on a Project Life journaling insert then added some stickers. I chopped it off and stitched it to my photo.
On the right layout, I featured our date photos from the restaurant. Here I included our receipt and our fortunes from the fortune cookies. I added a little journaling about how cool it was that my fortune featured the word progress....my One Little Word from Ali Edwards concept.
For the larger 6 x 8 area, I used another Project Life journaling insert to create another flap to hold down the place mat from the restaurant. A little typing, a chipboard accent that was stapled on and more machine stitching to keep the flap in place. This way the papers can be removed to be viewed then tucked back under the flap.
Okay, that does it for last week's layouts. I had so much fun scrapbooking....again I spent about 4-5 hours total for all of my layouts. Totally workable for me. I handed my album over to the family one night while we were watching tv. I loved how they pulled out the little journaling cards and looked at all the details. The girls always hate it when I take so many photos but they sure do love to find the photos of themselves in my albums. My album now reminds me of those interactive children's books where you lift the flaps and pull out little tags....it makes it so fun. And just imagine what it will be like 20 years down the road. I know the girls will love that Mom made these albums.


Unknown said...

You're doing such a good job! I love all the lift flaps. It reminds me of my kids books. LOVE!!!!!!
I cannot wait to see how your album progresses.

Carrie T said...

Beautiful album! Thank you for sharing your PL with us! I ordered PL last year & didn't get too far (still working at it!) This year, I've made a vow to do better - so far so good (only late Jan. though!!). I am also including programs, receipts, etc. in mine and one other thing - my 8 1/2 x 11PTI calendar stamped and decorated to perfection (lol!). Nothing else shows the "busyness" of my life quite like my completed monthly calendar in all of its glory!

Nancy said...

You have inspired me to get going on my Project 365 that is still up in my Studio waiting for some love! One thing that caught my eye were the yummy cookies you have on the plate... would you share the recipe!

black tag diaries said...

i am loving seeing all of your PROGRESS on this project:) also... what are those cookies in the top picture?!?! they look AMAZING. it looks like an oreo/choc chip cookie mix... YUM.

wendy said...

Oh man ....I just can't wait for my PL to finally get here...maybe Mon or Tues.....sure is teaching me the art of patience...first they were sold out now the postal service is taking it's sweet ol time...went today and developed some pictures to add for the first few weeks....I've decided to start mine from last July when we packed up our house and moved for hubby's job to a new country... i am going to make my PL about our new journey and about missing gamily and friends

dolcreations said...

Oh my this is awesome! You have totally inspired me to get back at it! I LOVE IT!

Daisy said...

Can't wait to get my PL kit! You inspired me to buy the paper version even though I'm a digi-scrapper. Love all the extras you add! Is your daughter named Josey? Mine is too, only we spell it Josie (like Josie and the Pussycats!)

ShellyDee said...

Your PL is so inspiring! Last year I just stuck in photo's, journaled on the cards and added a few ticket stubs, menu's, etc...This year I also ordered the Making Memories page inserts and have been adding more scrapping so it's a cross between old scrapping & new modern scrapping! It is so much fun!!

rockpapercricut said...

I love your PL scrapbook! Actually, I love everything you do!! After reading your posts for the last couple of days I haven't been able to sleep, because I am SO excited about my PL album this year! I daydream about vintage typewriters, layouts, sewing on my pages, and photo shoots. You have inspired me to take this years album to the next level. OH, I almost forgot, I found an old typewriter that has a cursive font-I am going to look at it tomorrow. I'll keep you posted!

Your biggest fan,


♥wendi said...

Wow! It looks great. I am like your girls, I love to look at your scrapbook pages too! Thanks so much for sharing your work and your life with all of us little bloggers out there! You are so inspiring to me!

Erin said...

Michelle your PL is AMAZING!!! You are doing exactly what I want to do. I just got my kit on Wednesday so I am starting today. I have put my weekly cards in and organized my journal cards, but that is it! I am so wanting the Ali look, with bits and pieces of everyday life included. I am loving the idea of adding more pages. I am now following you (bloglovin). Thanks so much for sharing!

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