July 4, 2010


Edit: Etsy shop update.....Jordan made a new piece of artwork. :)

July 4th means there's always double celebrations at our house. My sweet Josey Posey turns 13 today as we celebrate her birthday....along with celebrating the independence of our great nation. I have a teenager now!!

I thought I would share some photos of my sweet girl. (The girls like to look up my blog at school and show their friends all my photos). Josey loves all sports and is particularly fond of softball. This photo below is one of my all time faves that I captured at a softball game this summer. I'm surprising Josey with a giant poster of this photo........the cool part is that she can use the frame for a dry erase board and write some of her favorite softball quotes in the blank background space.
Here she is all intense on first base. I used to play first base back in the day too. See that sliding guard? This girl can slide like no other. She just melts into the plates with ease.
Swingin' the bat...oh boy, she can sock that ball out there. So fun to watch!
And now that her shoulder is doing better from a basketball injury, Eric/Dad/Coach has been letting her try her hand at pitching. Not too bad for a beginner.
Here is Josey opening a few presents today. She got an awesome camera and this super duper soft and fuzzy blanket and pillow for her room. Speaking of rooms, the girl spends most of her waking hours in there. I don't know what she does. But she likes it in there. Maybe she'll come out by the time she turns 18.
Jordan is always thinking of others and bought sissy some gifts with her very own spending money. The gift below was carefully wrapped in tissue and said *save the best for last*. It was a pile of sticks. Go figure.
One of our little traditions on the girls' birthday is to get out their baby books and little baby Longaberger basket that holds on their hospital goodies. Look at how tiny her little baby feet were. The child can now wear my shoes almost!
Happy Birthday to my sweet little red. My sweet little firecracker baby. I hope you are enjoying your July 4th weekend for all my USA friends......or wherever you are. :)

Stay tuned for another great post today. I just can't wait to show you my fun project I've been working on. :)


Debra said...

Happy Birthday Josey! Being a teenager is soooo much fun, but please be kind to your mother!!

Eveline said...

Happy Birthday Josey.
Happy 4th of July to you all.

Kristy Hansenwi said...

Happy birthday to Josey--I too am a firecracker baby.....I have loved having my birthday on this day. I am MUCH older than she is, but it fun never the less. I hope she had a great day--I did. kristy

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