October 31, 2009

The Office Kits...an update

Happy Halloween...just a quick note......The Office Kits sold out in like two minutes! Thank you for your orders. If you're in my Etsy shop looking around for an item, always check the sold items. If you see the item there but not in the regular shop section, then that means the item is sold out.

The big question.....will I have more? I hadn't planned on it......BUT I scored some more little boxes. So the answer is YES!!!!!!!!!! I'll announce the date here on my blog just as I did before. That worked out pretty well! When? I dunno yet.

Will I have more tote bags? YES. When? I dunnu yet, it will be a while for them. :)

Gotta run for Halloween fun! Later!!


Susan said...

I will watch for those awesome kits. I think I need at least one for myself. I also tagged you as having an Over the Top blog, hope you won't hate me!

Crafty Num Nums said...

I am sooo hoping I get one of the news sets :) I missed it last time and was bummed.

I do have a question tho, what size is the container you are using?

jbuffan said...

what is the name of your shop? How do I find it? I gotta get some of this stuff , but can't get in using the link on the left of your blog...help me please?

Anonymous said...

Michelle, I am literally sitting here in tears...I kept checking back on your blog because you mentioned more pink kits were going to be available...and now I see they are all gone-AGAIN...I am very sad as pink is my most favorite color and really wanted one of these...I guess I should have also been checking your Esty store...

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