October 12, 2009

More Grab and Go Bags!

EDIT: THE GRAB AND GO BAGS......WELL THEY WERE GRABBED FAST AND ARE NOW GONE. :) I would love to be able to mass produce these faster for you girls. I'll be making more soon, I promise. Thank you for your orders for the lucky girls who scored a bag.

Here's my latest version of my Grab and Go Bags. These little totes measure about 9" x 9" finished size. Vintage reproduction 30's style fabric....quirky little designs in green and orange. Perfect little Halloween gift, library tote, teacher gift, etc. Each bag is fully lined, has handle with sturdy stitching and features my signature ribbon and single button embellishment. Bottoms are box stitched so they stand up.
There's this little number....handle matches inside lining.
These two have adorable orange polka dot handles with matching lining.
And these hot little numbers with green polka dot handles and matching lining.

They'll be up shortly in my shop, but when they're gone, they're gone. I will be making more soon with some funky Michael Miller fabric and I've got some other tote styles that I'm working on too. Happy shopping!!


Cindy Lyles said...

These are adorable Mishie!!!!

denise said...

are they gone already.. i just looked and there isn't any there... maybe you haven't gotten them posted yet?

Kirsten Alicia said...

They're gorgeous.

Kathi said...

I keep looking too! I bet they're gone already. Have to leave to go card with a friend so if by chance they haven't been posted yet, they'll be gone by the time I get home! Darn, want one so bad. The last ones were gone in a blink of the eye too.

Susie said...

WOW you have to be fast around here... I miss one day on your blog and they're gone !! :(

Snooze ya lose I guess. LOL Congrats to the lucky ladies who were here on time! The bags are gorgeous !!

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