September 9, 2009

Flea Market Style Magazine

If you love vintage, if you love junking.....and if you are missing magazines like Country Home and Home Companion......then check this out: FLEA MARKET STYLE. It's a new magazine coming out in 2010. For now, it's a one time a year publication but if we spread the word and it's a hit, then it will become a quarterly magazine!! Ki Nassaeur is co-editor...*gasp*.....she's one of the awesome Junk Market ladies. You know it's gonna be good. 144 pages packed full of brand new ideas! I can't wait!! Read more about the magazine HERE....and pass the word. We need some good magazines back on the newstands!


wendy said...

Linda MacDonald is the woman with the website I was telling you about - Restyled Home. Do a search for the playhouse. I think David is going to make one for Hannah!

Julie Campbell said...

Oh yeah! I read about that magazine! I bet it willl be awesome too! I have their book and love it!

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