September 18, 2009

Autumn Blessings

Last weekend was just perfect. I spent it with my family...working and playing outside in the beautiful Kansas weather. Here's Eric in the Bobcat, moving some rock around near a rock retaining wall we're building. Guess what? I got to drive the Bobcat too. I am so cool now. Really cool. And just when he thought he was done for the day, I had him move just one more little rock for me. I thought this one would make a nice bench near the garden. When that pretty maple gets gihugicly tall, we can sit under the shade while we watch our garden grow.
That gate in the above photo leads to our Bridge of Terabithia (love that movie). Behind the tree line is magical world all for the girls. There's a creek, a tree house, a tire swing, a fire pit and all kinds of little stick forts built for hiding and paint ball (one of Eric's big adventures in life).

I love this photo of the girls. Without knowing, they each put on the same outfit this day. It totally reminded me of when I'd dress the girls alike when they were little. It was just so much easier to shop that way because the girls were only 15 months apart. It warms my heart that they both picked the same outfit to wear...kinda like that stuff that twins do without knowing.
It was getting a little hot by the afternoon so the girls and I headed to the creek. The girls love when there is running water....that means it's time to get muddy! Here's Jordan doing the *I think I'll push my big sister over* action shot.
And the muddy part came soon enough. There's something about kids and mud. They just can't resist to squish their toes into that smushy stuff!
And this shot of Jordan holding a worm over her mouth. Gross Jordan. Don't do that Jordan.
I prefer this peaceful shot of the cold, clear water trickling over our tootsies. Oh, was it surprisingly cold.....but oh so refreshing! It was so fun to splash around with my girls. Eric told me how happy he was that I take so many photos......that way we can remember all the fun times we had once our girls are grown up and moved on.....or moved nearby hopefully.
Such a beautiful day full of nothing special.......but everything that is special to me. I am truly blessed.
I had such a fun inspired me to make this card featuring Papertrey's Autumn Abundance....pretty leaves, acorns, Fall colors....just like our leaves trickling down the creek....Autumn is just around the corner. I paired my pretty pitcher of leaves up with the sentiment that reads *Autumn Blessings*....such a perfect pairing for my card.
My image was colored with Copic markers in lots of Fall-like colors....oranges, reds, browns, and yellows. I finished off my main image with a Dark Chocolate cardstock mat, and a tied Vintage Button. Card base is Kraft with Autumn Abundance patterned paper and a little snippet of brown from the Green Tea Leaves patterned paper collection. My card is finished off with a pretty Orange Zest ribbon.
I hope you are inspired to spend some good, quality time with your family. Nothing special...just being together...feeling blessed to be with the ones your with. Have a great weekend everyone.

It's Nell Hill today with my sister and my niece.......craft show tomorrow.......and now I just found out that my friend Carmen is coming over to scrapbook on Monday! Boy, life just doesn't get any better than this. Friends and's what it's all about. Who needs work?
Uh, Eric needs work.....cuz I'm gonna drop some good chump change this weekend, guaranteed! Snort!!


Cheryl (aka CherylQuilts) said...

Wonderful photos, Michelle! I love your description - gihugicly - of that tree someday! Your girls are darling, and congrats on the go, girl! Thanks for sharing this beautiful card...I love this set! Happy Fall!

Mandy Smith said...

I'm so glad that you posted pics of your family. I've read your blog forever and can't remember ever seeing them.

wendy said...

Dude! You are SO totally cool for having driven the Bobcat! The Husband wants one of those...not that we have the property to need one, but someday...*sigh* Love your cards, as always!

Wendi said...

Loved your pictures. Children truly are a blessing. I count mine every day for my 2. Thanks for sharing personal pictures as well as your amazing work. Makes me wish I lived in Kansas. I love visiting your Blog. As far as the Bobcat, I'm totally jealous!! We don't see too many of those in Southern California.

Dottie K. said...

Great photos! They'll be fun to scrapbook. Beautiful card! Way to go Bobcat lady! Have fun this weekend and Monday.

Carol R said...

That was so much fun reading what you did with your girls. Moments like that are special memories kept in your heart forever. Love the card you made and how you paired all the paper and colors. Thanks for sharing a little of your everyday life.

Shawn said...

What a heart-warming, warm-n-fuzzy post!! Thanx for sharing so much of your life with us in Blogland!! I love your blog, visit daily...and love when you share pics of the girls!! They've grown so much since I first found your blog. Time sure does fly, especially when you have kids. My oldest (Jackie) is a Senior this year! GULP! I will miss her tremendously when she heads off to college next year!!!!! My middle child (Frankie) is a Freshman and my youngest (Ryan) is in 5th grade. Where did this time go?!?!?!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing so much about your kids and the blessings you have. I got a little teary eyed thinking of my own kids and when they grow up and having my memories of these times.

resmith said...

Great pictures!! What wonderful memories your family will have to sit around and talk about some day.
Have a great weekend sounds like lots of fun. Boy would I love to be there and join in!! LOL

Kathy R. said...

Love the footnote, LOL ... enjoy every minute!

Lisa said...

ohhhhhhhh if you loved the movie, you will like the book even more! This looks like a fantabulous place to play and imagine! I would have loved it when I was younger!!! I can envision picnics now!!

Shelley said...

:) You made me smile! Drop some change!! *giggles*
Your pictures are wonderful and I love how you are "journaling" about your day to do with your family they will one day look back and be very very thankful for your wonderful blog!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful card, but really special photos thanks so much for sharing. Eric is right, when they are grown up you will look back on these special times with such joy. Love visiting your blog and seeing all of your wonderful work, your very talented. Patty R.

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