June 25, 2009

Some like it hot....

This just in: JustRite Summer release #1 Sneak Peeks starts today. One set is being revealed today and the release continues on Monday. Each day you will also have a least one chance to win the set being revealed. Read on for more information.

Hi everyone, today I have something brand new to show you. Now before you get all excited and just scroll down to the photos.....please note.......this is NOT my patriotic mason jar surprise!! I'll be posting that on Monday so stay tuned. However, I have something majorly fun for today. JustRite Stampers is introducing the new Preserves Borders & Centers Set on July 7th at their website HERE. Check out the JustRite blog HERE to read more about the summer releases and a chance to win this set! I think it's just the cutest set and I know that I will personally use it a ton. The entire set is shown below:

My family loves homemade salsa. With nearly all the fresh ingredients available right from our garden, there's nothing like it!! Every time I make a bowl, it disappears fast! I usually prefer for it to sit an hour our so in the refrigerator for the flavors to blend, but that usually doesn't happen. And I like to chop all my ingredients by hand.....no food choppers or food processors for me. Hand me my trusty knife and a cutting board and I'm good to go!
It never really dawned on me as to what a great gift homemade salsa would make. Just pack your salsa into a canning jar, add some tortilla chips, and nestle into a pretty, napkin lined tray.
And now I can add a nifty colored tag and ribbon! These are the salsa border and center images from the Preserves Borders & Centers Set. How fun is that image and the sentiment is very cute too! I stamped my images onto Kraft cardstock and colored them with my Copic Sketch markers. The bright colors just pop off the tag. I used a white gel pen to add highlights to the veggies and to color in the onions. LOVE!! My circle was cut with a Spellbinder's Circle die template. Ribbon is Papertrey Pure Poppy.
Here's a view of how I tied the ribbon. Cut a long length and bring it up the sides of your jar and over the lid. Screw on the ring and then finish tying the bow. Very simple but fun presentation.
And it wouldn't be complete without a recipe. I used the same image and coloring techniques but without the border sentiment for my 4" x 6" recipe card. I cut the image out this time with a Spellbinder's Pinking Circles die template. Patterned paper is from October Afternoon along with PTI Kraft and Pure Poppy. For recipe fonts, please visit the sidebar on the left. Here's a closeup of that colored image. It's just perfect, I love it so much!
Here's my Copic Sketch colors I used.
And here's the recipe for you to print/copy....enjoy:
Fresh Salsa

6-8 Roma tomatoes
1 medium-large onion
4-5 jalapeno peppers
½ green pepper
1 garlic clove, minced
salt and pepper to taste
splash of vinegar
1/4 fresh lime
cilantro, optional

Chop all ingredients. Add salt, pepper, vinegar, lime & cilantro if desired. Stir and chill. I also like to add Penzey’s Adobo Seasoning and Penzey’s California Pepper Seasoning for some extra kick. (My sister gets my Penzey's spices for me in Colorado but you can probably google to find a location near you.)

For more samples using the new Preserves Borders and Centers Set check out these blogs:
Lauren's post HERE
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Yvette said...

Cute cute!!! Great gift ideas too! Oh, and thanks for the recipe too!! Double bonus for us today. :)Thanks for sharing.

Robin Kirkpatrick said...

Wonderful projects! That's got to be the most beautiful recipe card I've ever seen! And the salsa looks yummy!

dolcreations said...

Michelle that has got to be the most beautiful recipe card I have ever seen. Guess what I am going to have to order this set for sure! Thanks for sharing this!

Bethany Paull said...

Very cool Mish. I think I'd rather have salsa than jam. Great presentation. Especially the recipe card.

Anne-Marie Tribbett said...

Beautiful projects Michelle! I love what you did with the new just rite stamps. I can't wait to be able to use these as well. And thanks for the salsa recipe! We love salsa as well and just took a class on salsa and made 7 different types and learned that tomatillos in salsa are wonderful. Can't wait to try your recipe! Which size pinked circle did you use? Was it from the large or small set? I love the looks of it on your card and would love to try that as well, just don't want to buy both sets right now. Thanks again for providing such awesome inspiration! Anne-Marie in Oregon

Val (Mom2Men) said...

This is the exact type of set I've been looking for! I'm just thrilled to see it. However, I've checked all the blogs and can't seem to find what size the set is. I have a 1 5/8" block, will it work on that or will I need another size? Awesome post today.

Debbie Fisher (debbiedee) said...

I want to see your recipe book or box that you are putting these lovely cards in. Ü

Katy Frame (Kate Creates) said...

Oh thank you, thank you!! We are having a 4th of July BBQ and I am definitely going to try out the salsa. :)

Joanne M said...

Love you recipe cards and thank you for sharing you recipe too! You're a daily inspiration.
PS: There's a Penzey's in downtown Overland Park

Erica said...

Gee, I never thought of giving away salsa as a gift either, or packaging in a canning jar and prettying it up. I have to give a B-Day present to a friend and I bought her a bottle of wine already but felt I needed something else to add. This is perfect...and thanks much for the recipe too.

Mary said...

Your salsa recipe looks so good. We make homemade salsa too and it is wonderful. Love the idea; makes a great gift.

Steph Zerbe said...

Yey! Adorable gifts!!
I make jam and applesauce and soon your salsa!!! This set would be great.
Love you blog!

leu2500 said...

Great to know another Penzey's fan.

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