August 20, 2008

Just Rite fun for the kids..of all ages!

When Kellie from JustRite Stampers sent me a box of goodies last week, I opened up the box and said out loud, "What the heck are these things?" LOL! Well this stamper thing below is called a 2X Stamper. It's a pre-inked stamp that has two images, one on each end of the stamper. You can see how this particular 2X Stamper has some sad faces and a miss you sentiment. To use these stampers, you just open the hinged lids and stamp away. No re-inking, you just stamp and stamp and stamp.

And then I dug in the box some more and found these things. "What the heck are these things", I said again. Well these are called Word Stampers. They work in the same fashion at the 2X just stamp and stamp and stamp. Each little set comes with 8 different words and there's lots of sets to choose from. Just scroll down once you get to the link.
The unique thing about both of these stampers is that the words and images are embossed into the little ink pad inside. Zoom in on the photo below to see what I mean. The box says you can stamp hundreds and hundreds of images with these. They remind me of those pre-inked address stamps.
So anyway, I then thought "hmmm, what to do with these stampers?" Then an idea came to me. Of course, you can use these stampers for quick sentiments and images on cards but what could I do that was unique? I knew that my girls, especially crafty Jordan, would LOVE these little stampers!! So I went to work right away with my idea to show the girls when they got home from school. I dug some little Stampin' Up! notecards out of my stash and some scraps of other supplies I had out on my table. I stamped the insides of the little notecard with words, kind of like a ransom note. I grouped words together to create sentences, all I had to do was fill in a few words with a writing pen.
I also used the Curly DIY Monogram Stamper kit to make a quick monogram of the girls' initials and punched them out with a Stampin' Up! scallop circle punch.
Here's what the inside of the cards look like. It was fun to create little messages with the stampers. And here's the finished cards with the cute *J* monograms on the front. The *i love you* sentiment shows the size of the 2X Stamper words...about 1/2" high. The *adore* word below measures about 1/4" high or so. Cardstock is Papertrey Aqua Mist, ribbon from May Arts and patterned paper from Melissa Frances.
Now here's the fun part for the kiddos. I placed all of the stampers into a basket (Longaberger of course)..added some fun shaped notepads, sticky notes, etc......and some writing pens.
I placed the basket on their *school shelf* that sits in my pantry/laundry room just inside the garage door. So when the girls came home and put their school junk away, they saw this basket immediately. Boy, did Jordan want to know allllll about these stampers!! We sat and played with them for a long time.

I think it will be fun to get this basket out while maybe waiting for the school bus or a late night dinner to be ready.....or maybe when company comes and everyone can make their own little note........or how about creating ransom notes and hiding them in places around the house for that special someone to find....or magnets for the frig.....or for teachers to have a fun activity to keep the kiddos occupied....or daycare.....okay, you get the idea!! No cleaning up, no re inking, just use them over and over again. I think we'll have LOTS more fun with these *things*. LOL!


Anonymous said...

When do you sleep? :-)

Good grief, woman...if I could come up with 1/100th of the ideas you come up with I'd consider myself a genius!!

DeeDee said...

WOW, what a fun box to open....I got one of those new 2X Stampers today...but mine is not very says "sent" & "received" looks FUN though!!!!! Cute cards and a grand idea for the insides. TFS.....HUGS!!!

Debbie Olson said...

Mish, how clever you are! This is a fabulous idea!

Heather Huggins said...

Oh my those are awesome. They look like a lot of fun for everybody. I have given you the I love your blog award today on my blog.

Lee said...

Oh how fun!!! I'm just going over all your FABulous creations with the JustRite stamper as mine will be coming shortly and I sure hope to make some things that are just a LITTLE bit as awesome as your creations!!! Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful ideas! And I just absolutely admire you so much for how much you include your kids and help them develop such creativity and giving!!!! You ROCK!!!!

Becca said...

What a wonderful stamp(s) you found. Great for your many gorgeous cards. Mish...I have an award for you on my blog. Thanks for being an inspiration. Please come by and pick it up, oh and drop me a comment to say hello.

Becca said...

What a wonderful stamp(s) you found. Great for your many gorgeous cards. Mish...I have an award for you on my blog. Thanks for being an inspiration. Please come by and pick it up, oh and drop me a comment to say hello.

Anonymous said...

You must be the neatest mom! What a sweet and clever thing to do!

glitter girl said...

you are the BEST mom ever!!!! You're also a pretty lucky stamper to get new goodies from all those different vendors!

Julie S. said...

Yup -- my kids have a stash of their own stamps. And the SU wheels can be fun once they learn how they work, too! Everyone was so impressed that my 4 year old knows about cleaning stamps and how to use the "real ones" as well as these self-inking ones ;^)*

It's scientific fact: kids love stamping!

So cool to have this right on the school shelf -- great idea!

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