August 26, 2008

Answers to some questions...

Q: I love the samples you did with PaperTrey's Quilt stamp set on July 14's post. Are all the paper strips from Cosmo Cricket's Honey Pie set? I recognize a couple but some on the left side (of all the strips) I don't see as coming in single sheets. Did you get the 8x8 pack or are they all single? Thanks!

A: All of the papers are from the 8 x 8 pack, I believe. I cut papers into strips for my cards. I think there were some individual papers in that pack that also had little strips that you could cut out individually.

Well, now I can't find the rest of the questions. If you have a burning question for me, post it here and I'll try to shoot back some answers. Thank you all for visiting my blog, I just love to read your comments!

I'm so into reading right now. I loved all the book suggestions you gave me. I made a list to find at the library. I loved this comment from Josie, what a great idea:

Reminds me of years ago after I read a quilting fictional book, I passed it on to a friend. On the inside I put a little inscription that as quilts are handed down to very special people in our lives so should this book. I asked that it be passed on from friend to friend. Asking each person to put a little note inside of it. About five years later the book was returned to me and I was amazed at how far the little book had traveled. I passed it on again and have not seen it since, but hope it is still bringing joy! Just wish I could remember the name of it!!!!! Thanks for the memories! Josie

Someone asked how to thread a button...not sure if you were serious or not with the *lol* comment afterwards. But if you are, and you need to know, here's a great link:


Kathi said...

I have finished all 12 of the Elm Creek books. Just found another series of "quilt" books by Emilie Richards. It's called the Shenandoah Album series. Do you know about them? From what I can tell there seem to be 6 in the series with the last one coming out in 2009. Maybe someone suggested them in your commments, can't remember. Am reading the first one and it's really good.

Laura said...

Here I am, reading along, and then it's like "that's me, that's my question!" LOL. Thanks for answering! I'm getting my shopping list of some must haves and this paper pack will be on one.

Katy Frame said...

Is it possible how to show how you thread a button?? lol.

glitter girl said...

Hey - I have a burning question... If you had to choose only ONE flower set from PTI, which would you choose???

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