April 24, 2007

Summer Countdown Begins!!!

Woohoo ladies, are ya with me? Many of you know that I have a part time job as a substitute teacher. I sub mostly at the high school, and boy do I have stories for you!! Well, this subbing stuff (ha, we used to have a local sandwich shop called Sub-N-Stuff, it was GOOD!..I digress)is really getting in the way of my CRAFTING and I am not liking it one bit. But my husband says that my CRAFTING is getting in the way of paying bills, so off to work I go! Whatever(my favorite word!)!!

Sooooo, in leiu of me playing the tagging game-although I thank you all for always thinking of me-I am going to post cards that represent what I'm officially naming my **Countdown Til I Quit My Job For The Summer** challenge. We can all play along and post a link back here to our creations. That way, I can spread the word about all your wonderful blogs or galleries, plus have a little fun and see all the different ways that we meet the challenge. If you wanna participate, go for it. If not, enjoy the cards I post and as always, thank you for visiting my blog. Here's how it works: If I post a creation that relates to my summer countdown, I'll list a challenge for you too! Be sure to post the link to your card so we can see it in the comments section. Easy peasy, have fun!!

Back to the cards now.....both of these cards were created with the new Papertrey Faux Ribbon set. Other supplies include PT Green Thumb set, My Mind's Eye patterned paper, SU! Kraft CS and various inks. For the faux ribbon, I made long strips of ribbon samples and then just cut up *snippets* to use on cards. I crumpled and stitched on the three at the top of the main image of the boots card. I love to do this *messy stitch*...just stitch back and forth three times to adhere *ribbon*, real or faux.

The boots card was made for my friend Miss Becky. She is our new school secretary and the poor thing is about to go nuts. It's a crazy time of year with end of school sports events, etc and she is ready for summer. We are going to have margaritas together..not at school!! I'm giving her this card tomorrow along with that yummy little morslet of chocolate that has a coffee kick inside. Yummayyyy!

So here's my first challenge: Make a card that screams *HANG IN THERE*...or something similar. Surely you have a friend that could use a card like this these days! Or send them to me for quality inspection! LOL!!

Tip of the day: Today's tip comes from my dear friend HB (Carol)...she has created the *make and mail* policy. When you have the chance to MAKE some cards, be sure to MAIL out at least a few of them. Those cute cards are meant to be shared! Have fun everyone!!

Check out the creations from others:

Check out Sherrie's cute hammock card here: http://sherrie-cardcreme.blogspot.com/


Bethany Paull said...

The real stitching makes the faux ribbon look so real. Very cool.

Beth said...

Mish - you are the Royal Resident Crack Up!

Hang in there babe - only a few weeks left!

I will try and come up with a card!

sentimentsbydenise said...

Love your blog, love your challenges, and especially love your cards!
I have been busy myself making cards and will post some soon (work, sleep, exercise, eating - all that keeps interrupting my stamping time!).
Thanks for being so creative!

Alli said...

Oh I so hear you about the end of the school year. Even though I teach online I am ready for a break. This is my first year back since my daughter was born (she is 3!) and as much as it has been fun wearing "the teacher" hat again I am anxious for a little break. What a fab challenge too! I will definitely participate.

Sherrie said...

fun challenge Michelle, we are counting down over here too...can't wait for summer holidays! Made this for your challenge


Have a great day! Thanks for visiting me at my blog.

Anonymous said...

I have been counting down since, who knows when! This school year has been tough. I'm so in on your challenge. I just love your style.

HB said...

Dang, I LOVE what you do with those boots!! Love Ya Mishie!!

chelemom said...

Such cutie cards! Love them! Just visited your blog for the first time!

Quilt Nut said...

beautiful cards!

mkayteem said...

Mish -
Man, you are killing me! I have been stalking the blog for a new entry evey day and today is Friday...your last post was Tuesday. I know you have a life but your blog entries are like Diet Coke with Lime to me...I gotta have it to get going in the morning! Anybody else out there know what I mean?!!! How did the lady at school like your card and the chocolate? Your blog rocks!

Pam/Iris said...

LOVE your boots and ribbon snippets Mish, super fun cards!!

Juanita said...

EXTREMELY CREATIVE!!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this stamp set, I have it but have not used it yes. You blow my mind with your work, TFS.

Kim said...

Hi Michelle,

Here's my "hang in there" card! Thanks for the challenge, am looking forward to the next one!

Love visiting your blog...you have great creations!!

bensarmom said...

Love the idea of getting ready for summer. We too are counting down the days. I just got crab and company so I'm playing with it. Your challenge came to mind. Thanks again for the challenge.

Kathy W said...

Hey, I'm a substitute teacher, too (elementary school, though), and yes, we are counting the days. I also have days where I don't want to work, but then I think about my wish list....

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