April 27, 2007

Diet Coke and a Card

mkayteem left a comment:

"Mish -
Man, you are killing me! I have been stalking the blog for a new entry evey day and today is Friday...your last post was Tuesday. I know you have a life but your blog entries are like Diet Coke with Lime to me...I gotta have it to get going in the morning! Anybody else out there know what I mean?!!! How did the lady at school like your card and the chocolate? Your blog rocks!"

Well, I can't have you guys going through withdrawals now, can I? What's a Friday without a new card sample AND a Diet Coke with Lime, right?????? Here ya go mkayteem, this one's for you. Is it too early for a LARGE MARGE? (that would be mishie slang for margarita!..okay we'll settle for the DCWL (Diet Coke with Lime)!!) Whew, whatta week! Sooooooo glad it's Friday! DH is going turkey hunting so it's just me and the girls tonight!!

I just finished up these cards using leftover Card Club supplies. I love this big blossom from the Big Blooms SU! set. The possibilities of what you can add to the center of this flower are endless! You should buy this set, I give you permission. Other embellishments are my *messy stitches* on the snippets of ribbon, circle punches for the flower center, Borderline flower stamp along the bottom of the card (retired from SU!), and the *Happy birthday to you* sentiment from Papertrey. Any other sentiment stamp junkies out there? You'll love the Papertrey Faux Ribbon set then.

Tip of the day: I'm going to give you some little tips about selling cards in my tip section from time to time. Here's one from my wild and crazy friend Lisa Zappa, which I do ALL the time too: I've mentioned stamping multiples of cards before and my friend Lisa takes it one step further. She makes a list of all of the birthday cards she needs each month. She stamps up that many cards for herself to use PLUS she stamps up extras for her sale basket. This is an excellent idea to do while you have all your supplies out. That way, you don't run out of cards for yourself.....which I do all the time because I don't want to use up all my sale cards. Thanks Zappy!!!!!! Go check out her blog, she is the VINTAGE QUEEN!!


Heather said...

HOT HOT HOT, as is everything you do, girl! I also need my Mishie fix! ;)

bethtrue said...

hi Mish - good tip on making extras - i'm thinking about starting to sell my cards and that's a great idea. also - great cards!! love the "messy stitches" - it is so cool looking!

thanks for sharin' - hmmm, methinks i need to go get a diet coke now!!

beth (mommy to a busy 3 1/2 year old)

Anonymous said...

Mish, I've been enjoying your blog so much! Great tips and ideas. Your block does "rock" and I look forward to your posts. Your stamping style is fab! Thanks for sharing!

Pati Taylor

Anonymous said...

Wow! Love the tip on making extras - going to do that. I made some of your tent cards and love doing them. Thanks so much for sharing. I'm so enjoying your blog and look forward to what's next. Dottie K

Ida said...

Wonderful card. I never thought to use the "Borderline" set that way before. In fact once I bought it I couldn't think of a single thing to do with it so seeing your card was great. Ida

Beverly said...

I was definitely going through withdrawals! Love the samples and your blog! Can't wait to see what's next!

Hang in there! I only have 19 more days with my first graders. Wish me luck!

Maybe summer will allow more time to try some of your great tips!!!

Edie said...

OH I can relate!
Not to the DCWL, but what mkayteem said!
I love your blog and cards!!!

Julie said...

Beautiful cards - love the colors - that ribbon looks yummy!!

Bethany Paull said...

I've really been trying not to buy this set. But everyone knows: if Mish says you need it, well, then you need it! LOVE the cards.

Juanita said...

GREAT card, colors, stamps, and embellishing!!

I'm a caffeine free Diet Pepsi gal myself. As always, TFS.

beate said...

Mish....those are adorable!!! Love them.

Susan H said...

I totally agree that your blog rocks!! And thanks for the tips. Now I'd like to order a Mojito please - or as I've been known to call it (after 1 too many) a Myjito! Keep up the good blog!!

Tami McBeain (tmarie) said...

Just so happens that I recently got this set...guess I need to play with it now! Love your blog and look forward to your new posts! Thanks for sharing your tip from LZ, I agree she is the shabby queen!

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