February 23, 2016

Watercolored teacup...

Sharing an entry in my artist journal.  Today it's watercolored teacups.  I started by sketching first with pencil then using my Lamy Safari fountain pen...ink is not waterproof.  
 Great practice and I love that the blue ink bled a little.  Reminds me of that beautiful blue China.
 Closeup of the beautiful way watercolor has a mind of it's own.
 Detail of notepad with shadows.
 I used my Sketch 3 method for this journal entry.  That means that I simply did 3 different types of sketches.  I did the main tea cup with notepad, the blue teacup and the more detailed pattern.  I find that when I take the extra effort to sketch something three different ways, I get more and more practice.
And......#practiceisart.  You can find more of my #mishsketch3 entries on my Instagram account, MishWooderson.  Thanks for stopping by today!


Pam said...

I've really enjoyed watching your artistic endeavors. You're so very talented!

Jo Williams Independent Stampin' Up Demonstrator said...

Wow Michelle... you are very talented! I have enjoyed seeing your beautiful sketches come to life with watercolor.... it has been so inspiring.... you really do have some talent and I am so grateful that you share it with us here on your blog too!

Unknown said...

Mish, thank you so much for posting what you are working on! Your posts are always beautiful and very inspiring. I don't have the talent for drawing, but I certainly appreciate your lovely work. I'm always thinking, 'Wow, how beautiful'.

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