February 26, 2016

My art pouch...

So when it comes to storage for almost anything, plastic is not an option for me.  I love handmade, fabric, wood or something vintage.  Below you can see my art pouch that I made to hold an assortment of art supplies.  I can dump it all in and I just love rummaging around for things.  I keep some charcoal pencils and things that get dusty and chalky contained in vintage metal pencil cases found while thrifting.  My pouch is broken in well now and it's soft and slouchy and I love it.  All vintage fabrics, of course.  
 I have one extra one I created in my shop right now.  If there's interest I may make more + I've experimented with flat pencil cases and different sizes.
There's just something about handmade and vintage that speaks to me. It feels more special and has more meaning.   

 Plus it's a one of a kind item.
Let me know what you think.  My girls are already requesting some handmade pouches for their makeup and friends for presents.  Great idea, girls!


Suzanne Russell said...

Very cute art pouch, Mish. Great idea that i'm sure will turn into another great product for your shop!

Jo - Jo's Scrap Shack said...

It is a very lovely pouch Michelle.... it would be perfect as a gift for sure.... I would have jumped at this until I saw the price .... it's a bit too steep for me.... maybe if the price was around $20-$25 I would have purchased. I live on a fixed income as I'm disabled so I cannot pay those type of prices.

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