January 29, 2014

Workspace Wednesday.....Project Life Kit Storage

It's Workspace Wednesday.  Last week I joined in on the sharing of something in my workspace each Wednesday.  You can click on the "Workspace Wednesday" link at the end of this post to see all related posts.  

This week I've been busy creating new projects using the upcoming Gossamer Blue February Kits.  You're getting a sneak peek of those items today.  Gossamer Blue now offers three different Project Life/Life Pages kits each month.  There is a Life Pages Main Kit, a Life Pages Main Add-on Kit and a Life Pages Themed Add-on Kit.  When doing design work with these kits...or any kits that I get for that matter....I like to keep them separated at first.  While on a thrifting jaunt one day I found this vintage, wooden utensil box.  These are some of my favorite storage items because they fit in with my obsession with little compartment-type organizing.  
I always have an assortment of vintage bread pans at my reach so I found three dandies that fit into the dividers.  I love these textured pans.  Man, they just don't make stuff like they used to, right?  So what I do is sort my three Gossamer Blue kits into the three bread pans...which then nestle into one of the three slots in the utensil box.  I can remove a bread tin if I'm just working with one kit.  
There's a little space left in each slot.  Once I'm done with assignments I tend to not worry about which items go where.  At that point I'll stuff smaller products or more often used products in those little niches. I love that I can see all of the product out in the open but it's still somewhat organized.
It's just heavenly to reorganize, isn't it?  I especially love it when I can repurpose vintage finds into a whole new unit of it's own.  I'd love to hear about how you organize your kits.  Feel free to leave a link or tell me about your storage in the comments section below.  

Wanna share your space?.......if you're on Twitter, you can hashtag your photo with #workspacewednesday or #hfworkspacewednesday (Marcy Penner's for Hello Forever) .  Click on those hashtags and you can see what others are sharing.  So fun and inspiring. 

Question for you all....I have shared recipes in the past, do you still like those?  I've been on a cooking roll with my new stove, old family recipes, Pinterest finds, etc and would love to share if you're interested.  Also, if you know of a recipe template that can be used for Blogger I would love it if you would share your favorite.  

For sale....I've updated my Papertrey sale page with some new sets. Link is here.  There's also some wood stamps for sale in my shop. Link is here.  

Edit....Welcome New Project Lifers........I have noticed a lot of new Project Life followers.  Thank you for joining me here on the blog.  Feel free to browse through my labels on the sidebar for older Project Life posts.  Now is the perfect time to start a new year of memory keeping. 


katrynka said...

Yes, recipes are always good!

Shan said...

Love your project life organization tips and love that you use vintage items! Thanks for sharing. We have to eat Gluten Free due to 3 out of 6 of being Celiac/Gluten sensitive so I love your recipes..I just adapt it to be GF. :)

Katie Skiff said...

I love everything you share!! :) Esp love this new feature. Makes me want to go home and reorganize tho!! LOL

cjgusloff57 said...

Yes, recipes! Go for it!
I do love your organization with vintage/antique items. I have lived with antiques for 50 years and still have them and love them! I do use a few in my craft/card room.
Although I don't do Project Life, I do enjoy seeing what you do with yours. I wish they would have had something like this when my children were young as I probably would have given it a try.
Thanks for all your inspiration.

shellm said...

I'm definately interested in recipes. I always love your cooking posts, especially freezer or bulk cooking ideas for nights that are busy with sporting events.

shellm said...

I'm definately interested in recipes. I always love your cooking posts, especially freezer or bulk cooking ideas for nights that are busy with sporting events.

Sarah Andreotti said...

I was out a few weekends ago looking for some sort of organizing tray just like that and couldn't find one- I was so bummed! The search continues! :)

Denise E said...

Love seeing your "space" and how you use vintage things. Always so pretty and useful! Yes, I love your recipes. Have used several and would love more! And, always love seeing your PL pages and ideas. Thanks for sharing!

Pam said...

Ugh ! I swear I checked the shop yesterday and didn't see anything new. And now the new stuff is sold out. Guess I'll have to start checking twice a day LOL

Tami McBeain said...

I always look forward to your organization tips, I too am a little crazy for compartment-type organizing! I love a little box, or container! Always love seeing your junking treasures put to use in your studio!

Yes, please share your recipes, I'm always looking for new ones!

Jenn said...

Yes! Please share recipes, you can never have enough tested recipes in my opinion!! Thanks!!!

Robyn Larabee said...

I am a total fan of you and your blog! As a Project Lifer and a self-proclaimed "foodie", your blog perfectly fits the bill on both accounts. I really love your scrapbooking style and your recipes are always delish!! Thanks for allowing us a little peak into your lovely world. :)

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