January 15, 2014

Radiant Orchid Packaging...

Today I'm excited to share a little gift packaging I created using the Radiant Orchid Inspiration Kit (now sold out) that I had in my shop earlier this month.  The inspiration came from my new monthly inspiration series where I create a themed board on Pinterest and share inspiration all month long here on the blog. This month's inspiration board is titled Radiant Orchid(Pantone Color of the Year). You can read about it in this post

Here's the supply line up for my gift packaging.  I used Large Kraft Sacks, the painted Medium White Parcel Tags from the kit, a glittered flower sprig, Washi tape from my stash and the silk ribbon and seam binding from the kit.  
 A good friend gifted me with a fun Thirty-One tote bag to take to ballgames and parties.  It was so thoughtful...I am so touched when friends give you gifts "just because".  Actually she said it was a thank you for always having 20 kids at our house at any given moment.  :)  Anyway, I packaged up 3 cards with envelopes for her because she loves my cards.  Another great reason to have cards on hand...to keep them for little gifts.
 I used two shades of pinkish/purple Washi tape to seal the flap.  Next I used some ruffled seam binding that I simply ran through my sewing machine, just scrunching it up and folding it as I pushed it through the sewing foot.  I did about 2 yards so I could have a nice, long piece to use for gift wrap.  I think it's sooo pretty.  I used the seam binding from the kit and the beautiful silk ribbon for a finishing tied bow.  I snipped a little sparkly sprig to add as a finishing touch.
 The painted tag is from the kit and comes straight from a photo on my Radiant Orchid Pinterest board. I love the metallic gold paired with the matte acrylic paints.  It's a fun idea to have some of the white tags on hand, paint your own tags then add some typed sentiments.
My friend who gave me the tote bag carries a similar one to all of the ballgames.  She keeps her camera, snacks, wallet....everything but the kitchen sink......in her bag.  I plan to tuck this sweet little gift into her sack so she can find it at the ballgame.

Up for discussion....
I'm finding that it really warms my heart to send a card or give a small gift (even if it's just a few handmade cards) to those who do good deeds for us.  It's a fun exchange and I find the more you give, the more you receive.  Receive as in feeling good....but sometimes a surprise like receiving a fun gift like a new tote bag.  I'd love to hear what you give as little gifts as this is high on my to do list this year. Next up, I got an invite to one of these Thirty-One parties from my friend.  It's been years since I've been to a home party so I'm kind of out of the loop.  I'm thinking I'll buy my mom a little tote to take back and forth to her car.  She's getting kind of forgetful these days so I thought a fun bag with lots of pockets might be nice for keeping her list, wallet, travel cup, snacks, etc.  Fun stuff!


Tracy said...

Which 31 bag? I love their stuff...let's see a pic of the bag too. Lol. Once again love your post! So pretty!

Tami McBeain said...

What a beautiful way to give a gift of handmade cards, I'm sure she'll love it! I also love giving handmade cards, however my gift packaging needs some improvement! Thanks for always inspiring me! :)

Pam said...

I like giving small gifts. Sometimes a lip balm from Moondance Soaps (the best!), sometimes a few wrapped candies in a cello bag with a cute topper, sometimes a couple of tea bags or maybe a $5 gift certificate for the coffee shop. It's always the thought that counts.

SherryBee in AZ said...

I love reading your posts! Your DD is always so fun to see!
I love to give little gifties too, I leave them in the tube at the bank....push the button and drive away.
I give them to the ladies at the post office----I am in there ALOT!
I like to give little things to people like that, that do the everyday little things. It's so fun, because they are totally unexpected!

~ Jo ~ said...

Beautiful gift and package wrapping Michelle. I think giving a handmade gift to someone means more than a store bought gift any day! I would have loved to receive something as cute as this in my mailbox!
Have a great weekend!!

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