December 3, 2013

December Memories 2013.....pages 21-31

Today I'm sharing pages 21-31 of my December Memories 2013 album. I'm well under way to taking photos and making notes for my album.  I don't plan to complete a page a day as I'm not doing my album that way this year.  I will probably work on my pages every few days.  Some pages might have photos from several different days, some pages might be way out of order as far as the dates.  My goal is to keep my album as a collection of holiday memories and I'll be keeping in mind the bigger picture....capturing holiday memories as a whole, not as single days.  

Page 21 of my album has a fun red and white theme with candy candy cane stripes.  I love candy canes at Christmas time and set them out in cute vintage jars,etc.  I might save this page for some of those photos..or maybe a candy cane in a cup of hot cocoa.  
 More gold foil accents and gold stitching.
 Page 22 notes the first day of Winter Break for my girls.  They will be thinking "Joy to the Word" so I'll probably snap a photo of them sleeping in or hanging out in the lounge.  Maybe I can remind them to snap a photo at school.
 Here I clustered several little taps onto one card and then stitched with gold thread.
Page 23 has a fun "keep calm" quote so I thought this might be fun to note how the holiday is going.  Am I stressed yet?  Am I calm?  Is the shopping and baking done?  It might be fun to snap a few photos of the traffic and hustle and bustle of the city if we venture out.
 Here I used a Small Kraft Tag and one of the gold paperclip embellishments I made. There are a few tags tucked into the red striped sack too if I need some for extra journaling.
 Page 24 is Christmas Eve.  I have lots of journaling cards about Santa and believing.  Here I'll add our traditional Christmas Eve gift for the girls and how you have to believe in Santa always if you want a gift from him.
 I love this gold foil vellum tag stitched onto the chalkboard journaling card.  I added in some Fluffy Snow to represent snowflakes.
 I love this filler card with the striped address label.  I stitched on a vellum tag and will probably type some journaling on this card.
 Page 25 is all about Christmas Day.  I plan to enlarge the favorite photo of the day and put it on the right page.  I have lots of little embellishments tucked into this page so I have lots of options when it comes time to put this page together.
I stitched on these gold stars with gold thread.
 Page 26....the rest of my pages after Christmas Day have been added with no numbers but I am going to refer to them as page 26, page 27, etc.  I left them with no numbers because I will mostly likely be adding more photos from Christmas Day onto these next pages.  One page just isn't going to be enough for all of the photos we take on Christmas Day. I thought the "peace" theme might be good to note that "it's over", we can relax.
 Page 27 is left pretty blank with no embellishments yet.  I might use this page for noting our favorite gifts.
 Page 28 is more of the same for extra photos and stories. If some big event comes up I'll use the pages for that.  Otherwise I'll just probably fill it with Christmas Day photos.
 Page 29 is one of my favorite layouts.  I love the muted colors, the snowflakes, tree and clear overlay with the snowflakes stitched on.  Maybe it will snow and those photos will go here.
 This is a clear overlay that I placed over patterned paper.  I stitched on some snowflakes then added some Fluffy Snow in between the two pieces.
 Page 30 is all about the glitzy gold foil.  I loved this paper from the Gossamer Blue December Memories Kit from Chic Tags.  This would be a fun page to add some city lights or maybe a photo I capture with that fun, blurry look of the lights.
 I especially love the gold foil vellum stars that I stitched on with gold thread.  I added some of my sequin mix to tie in the aqua blue color.
 Page 31 will be about making merry and most likely a New Year's Eve party page.  We typically let the girls have a party here so all the kids are safe and sound.
 This is the last page of my album.  I plan to jot down some of our favorite holiday moments and maybe take one last photo for 2013.  The very last little embellishment says "Happy New Year".
 I used my favorite chipboard pieces from the Pink Paislee collection, gold stitching and some sequins.
Okay, that's it for my December Memories album pages.  I will have some additional inserts mostly likely and I'd like to add some fun handmade pocket pages or clear page inserts.  Here we go!!

Note:  I'll be updating the blog with probably a few finished pages at a time.  I plan to do some major blogging of my completed Project Life pages up to date and I'll be sharing my December Project Life pages at some time too.

For the rest of today?  I have a dear crafty friend coming over later this week.  We plan to make some Holiday Planners, sacks, tags, etc.  I'm cleaning my craft room and selecting some supplies to use.  It will be fun to create a little "mini crafty kit" to use for the day.  So off I go.  Have a great day everyone.


Danielle said...

So awesome! Shared a link to this on the Pink Paislee Facebook page!

Dawn F. said...

Beautiful book-can't wait to see it come together. Have fun with your friend. Would love to see your "little crafty kit" that you make up!

Shan said...

I love the gold stitching and the sequins! I can't wait to seem them all filled out and completed. Have fun with your crafty friend! :) I can't believe Christmas is 3 weeks from today! EEEK!

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