December 13, 2013

Snowfall Kit Packaging

If you're like me, sometimes you just need a few fancy packaging ideas.  Not just the regular gift sack or rolled wrapping paper but something special for that someone special.  My Snowfall Kits might just do the trick for you. In the kits you'll find everything you need to complete 5 special gift sacks.  All you need is some white spray mist or white spray paint, baker's twine, adhesive,a stapler and some ribbon.  
 Here's a really quick and easy idea for assembling the Snowfall Kit sacks.  These are not hard at'll do some misting and easily assembly.  First up, take the sacks and place them in a safe area to spray.  I use a box with layers of packing material inside.  Use the vintage snowflake included in the kit as a mask.  Spray the white mist or spray paint over the snowflake.
 Move it around a few times and you'll have the most beautiful snowflake patterns.  I did mine three times, concentrating the mist on the center of the snowflake.  Once you're done you can use the snowflake as a decoration or hang it on the tree.  Let the sacks dry for a bit.
 Next divide the snowflake confetti mix between the small zipper sacks, about a scant teaspoon in each one will do the trick.
 Then fold the paper doilies in half.  Use a strip of adhesive to adhere the confetti sacks to the doilies as shown.  Stamp a sentiment on the tags.  I'm using my friend Heather's Papertrey stamp set called Rustic Wreath.  Staple the floral sprigs to the tags (mine are different from the kit).
 Lightly adhere the tags at an angle to the doilies then adhere the doilies to the front of the sacks using just a tiny strip of adhesive.  Tie a long length of ribbon around each sack.  Tip:  Cut a piece of cardboard to fit just inside the width of the sack.  This helps keeps the sacks stable when tying on the ribbon.  Tie a knot in the ribbon.
Then finish tying all the bows.  Leave the ribbon tails long and cut at an angle.
 In no time at all you'll have all of your gift sacks ready to be filled.  They're so soft and pretty and wintry looking.
 I used baker's twine to tie on two jolly jingle bells to each sack.  Love that frosty look.
 Oh, the snowflake pattern.  My favorite part. You could also do this on large sheets of Kraft paper and use as wrapping paper.
 The sequin mix has just a little fluffy snow in it to resemble frosty snowflakes.
 So beautiful.  So pretty for that special someone.
 I plan to tuck in a few cards with envelopes and give these to our school secretaries.  I usually have a special, homemade little treat to sit on top of the sacks too.
Hope you enjoy and are inspired to give out just a few special gifts this year.  Thanks for stopping by.

Coming soon, I'll be sharing the next completed pages of my December Memories album and more holiday happenings around our house.


Unknown said...

Beautiful! You're creations are so original!!

Unknown said...

I think you are the best at packaging, I love how you put things together, it is so inspiring to me. And love, love love the color of blue used with the kraft and white.
Speaking of that I just placed an order in your shop and scored the milk glass, which I will use in January to do a blue and white theme of decorating on my kitchen table; pink, white and red for Febuary then they will be moved to my craft room to store embellishments. I also bought the large white sacks to use as my Valentine packaging. I so love your shop.--Diana F.

Sientje said...

They are so beautiful! Love this idea. Thanks for sharing it with us. A while ago I bought a lot of these brown paper bags inspired by your gift bags. This is also a great idea to use as some sort of envelope for the christmas cards for someone special. Or for a gift card as christmaspresent

crazymom said...

You are amazing! These are absolutely gorgeous!! Thanks for sharing.♥

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