November 19, 2013

December Memories 2013....pages 1-10 (+ making a plan)

It's such an exciting time if you've joined the holiday album band wagon....or December Daily....or December Memories as we're calling it at Gossamer Blue.  I've shared my album cover and inside cover page and now it's time to share my inside pages, days 1-10.  

Where do you start?
This year I'll be documenting in my regular Project Life album just as I regularly would for any month. I'll be posting some ideas on that soon but today I'm focusing on my December Memories album. I will admit that when I sat down with all of my supplies and album, I literally sat there.  And stared.  And was a little overwhelmed.  I kept asking myself, "How do you put together an entire album in advance?"  I knew I wanted to do it, I just didn't know how to go about it. 
 Make a list...
I went back to the ol' drawing board, scratched my noggin and started making some notes.  I listed all of the holiday events I wanted to document and photograph throughout December. I've added to this list since I first jotted down those ideas but it was the best starting point for my album.
Make a plan....
This is where I had an "ah-haaa" moment.  I decided right then that my album would be about specific memories, traditions and events that we celebrate all throughout December.  It would not be a daily, chronological photographic diary.  I will let those daily photos go into my December Project Life.  I decided that I wanted my December Memories album to stand alone from my Project Life.  I would devote the pages entirely to celebrating the holiday season.
Then just go for it....
Once I had my plan of attack for my pages, I just started.  I made a sticky note for each event and started collecting journaling cards and embellishments that I thought might coordinate well with that event.  Sticky notes are your best friend when it comes to this album. I started sticking things into pockets.  Three hours later I had my pockets fill with the basic journaling cards and trimmed papers.  I had some additional sessions where I spent an hour or two at a time adding more embellishments, etc.  Let it sit. Come back to it.  It all falls into place.  One key point to my album is that even though I'm numbering the pages 1-31, those numbers do NOT necessarily represent Day 1, Day 2, etc.  The numbers just represent one single memory from December.  I'm not worrying about if something is out of order.....and neither will the people who sit down to view this album.  Think about the bigger picture....think about the album as a whole and not just one day.  

My pages 1-10....
For each event, I'm devoting two pages of the album.  I will go back on some days and add in inserts like sacks or trimmed down page protectors or clear acetate sheets, envelopes, etc. I tried to add as much detail to my inserts as possible so that come December I can just add photos,journaling and a few other finishing details.  

Page 1 will be a photo of our family of 4 + Charlie.  Maybe our Christmas card photos, maybe a photo of us cutting wood in the timber.  
Page 2 will have photos of the day we set up the Christmas tree.
Here's my gold stitching at work.  You'll see this throughout my album this year. It goes so nicely with all the gold foil accents.
Day 3 will maybe be photos of some holiday decor that I set up around the house.
Day 4 will be reserved for opening day of deer season since it's on 12/4.  I'll leave these slots open all month long in hopes that we get photos of someone with a big buck.
Page 5 is open for whatever.
Here I sandwiched two stars around the star acetate sheet.
Page 6 is generic.
I used lots of sequin mixes that I offered in my shop earlier.  The gold doilies look fabulous with all the gold accents offered up this year.  I still have them available here.
More gold stitching over the vellum number.
Page 7 is open.  I used the "day #" stamp from the Gossamer Blue December Memories Kit for each number.  Even though it might not actually be Day 7, I liked the stamped look.
I added a Gold Shimmer Envelope as an insert with a stitched tag and gold paperclip. These are so shimmery in person.  I lined envelope with vintage sheet music.
Page 8 will be reserved for maybe photos of our house from the outside with the lights...or maybe a woodland scene of us gathering firewood, etc. I plan to tuck the gold doily behind a large photo.
The tag is held in place right now with a star clip.  I might move it around depending on what photos I use for this day.
More gold stitching over a vellum tree + some of the Woodland Sequin Mix from my shop (sold out for this season).
Page 9 will be about some holiday traditions.  I will have photos of some of those traditions + maybe some will be in list form on a journaling card.
A fun accent to a trimmed piece of patterned paper. You might have noticed that each and every pocket is filled, none are left blank.  I have a plan in order so that all of my pretty inserts will still be seen when I add photos.  I'll share those tips in an upcoming post.
Page 10 is all about warm drinks, my cocoa station I plan to set up, maybe the hot tea mix I make and baking.  I might need to add some inserts here.  I might need to go to Starbucks too for a red cup.  :)
More gold stitching over the tag.
More sequins added to the cute red cup insert.
These fun sacks were included in the Gossamer Blue December Memories Kit.  I attached all of them to the outside of page protectors for easy access to whatever is tucked inside.  In this case it's a Large White Parcel Tag.
Okay, that's it for this portion of my December Memories album.  Come back soon as I'll be sharing the rest of my album pages + how I plan to keep the pages nice and pretty.  For fun embellishments like glassine envelopes, baker's twine and tags, be sure to pay a visit to my shop.

While visiting my shop, you'll notice lots of fun organizing items for your holiday crafty supplies. They are going quickly so be sure to act quickly if you like this wood tray with diner dishes.
 This pretty aluminum tray with dessert cups.
 These silver plate trays with vintage jars and dish.  They will shine like new penny if you want to polish them up.
And always a favorite, these muffin tins.  


Melinda said...

Thank you for a great post. I have been working on this very same thing and having some inspiration is appreciated. I have named my book "Holiday Memories" as some of it takes place the end of Nov. as well. I feel this format takes all the pressure off and makes it more enjoyable. Looking forward to more posts.

Tina Joergens said...

I so appreciate you sharing your thought process. I have been starting and stopping on my album since it arrived. Now maybe I can move forward. Thanks Mish!

Jeannine H. said...

This is awesome! How gorgeous!

Unknown said...

This is a fabulous post. You really nailed it with the statement of looking at an album like this as the bigger picture and looking at it as a snapshot of not day to day life, but what the season means to you. That is exactly the route I am taking too.
I always love how you take us through your thought process and take great pictures to go along with those steps/thoughts. Thank you for that. I just get really motivated when I see your work. It definately inspires me to keep going with this project. I will be starting with pictures, ect., the day after Thanksgiving b/c that is when I put up my tree and decorate. I cannot wait to see more of how your album unfolds.- Diana F.

Rosie Lilya said...

You are Brilliant! Last year I shared with you that I should have not done a seperate album for December because it was too much to keep up with Project Life. THIS, my friend is perfect! I have a new and better perspective of what my December Traditions album can look like. LOVE IT!!!

~ Jo ~ said...

WOW what an awesome jam packed full of inspiration post! Thank you Michelle for always going into depth with your work and set up how-to's. It really helps me a lot and i'm learning so much from you. I think your pages all turned out great and I cannot wait to see more!

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