June 14, 2012

Your questions answered.....

I went back through my most recents blog posts and picked out the questions you asked.  Here ya go......

Question:  Where do you get ink ribbon for your old fashioned typewriter? i have been looking at some old typewriters when i go antiquing but i have no idea where to get ribbon from to make them work. any suggestions? i'd love to use your grid labels in a typewriter like you do.

Answer:  I originally took my dried up ribbon spools off my old typewriter and took them to my local Staples.  I bought new spools of ribbon but when I got them home they didn't fit.  The ribbon was the same width so I just re-spooled it onto my existing typewriter spools.  It was messy but it worked out great.  Now I have learned that some office supply stores can order ribbon just for your typewriter type...so jot down the name of your typewriter and try that.  

Question:  Do you send your photos out for printing and get that white border around them? Or do you print at home with a program that puts the white border around them?

Answer:  I print all my photos at home on my Epson printer.  It gives me setting options for the white border.  I love the finished look that gives to my weekly Project spreads. 

Question:  I wanted to know more about your printer. Does it us ink like crazy? How long have you had it? Do you mainly print 4by6 and smaller? Are you in love with the print quality and what photo paper do you use?

Answer:  I probably replace 1-2 cartridges every 4-6 weeks.  I print a few regular copies each month + all my Project Life photos.  I've had my printer for maybe close to year.  I print the majority of my photos in 4 x 6 size although some of those are a 3 x 4 print/double 3 x 4 spread on the 4 x 6 size.  I also keep a stash of 8.5 x 11 paper handy to print 5 x 7's or 8 x 10's.  Yes, I am in love with the print quality.  I use Epson Premium Matter printer paper which I purchase at my local Staples.  I LOVE printing at home.  Good quality printers are cheap...it's the ink refills and papers that add up.  But SO, SO worth it.  Every penny.

Question:  I'm curious when you do a 4 x 6 layout with multiple pics, what size are your scaled down pictures? I'm guessing like 2 x 2 size?

Answer:  Usually I print the square Instagrams at 2.5" square.  Rectangle photos are 2.5 x 3.5 or 2 x 3.  Those sizes leave a nice border on the 4x6 insert to embellish, etc.

Question:  Will you have any more collaborative sets coming out with PTI this year? Your designs are some of my favourite stamps!

Answer:  Sorry, not at this time.  

Question: Where are you gonna put those lockers?

Answer:  I don't know for sure.  I had planned on them going in my basement to house all my shop items but I have since organized that differently.  I think my husband's eye the unit for some hunting supplies.  I would eventually love to see them in my craft room when I get some more stuff purged.  


WinterBerry Glen said...

thanks for answering my question about the typewriter! I foresee a treasure hunt at the antique mall in my near future!!! ;)

Basement Stamper said...

Thank so much for the question and answers! Definitely going to try a few smaller pics on my next layouts.

Dionne said...

Thanks so much more answering my printer questions. I have one more though. Is the premium matte paper the same as the premium matte presentation paper? I use the premium presentation paper right know and love the quality.

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