June 1, 2012

Project Life Week 15, 2012

Whew, it's been a while since I shared some Project Life pages.  I'm back today with Week 15.  Here's my 2 page spread.  
This week we were still knee deep into track season and the final month of school.
The flowers were just started to bloom in the flower beds and we planted the first seeds in the vegetable garden.
One of my favorite 4 x 6 inserts.  Instagrams of Josey and Jordan running track with the Studio Calico Plano stamp in the background.  I paper pieced some strips of patterned paper to fit into some of the wedge shapes.  I also stitched on some chipboard stickers and used the tiny Studio Calico stars as accents.
The dreaded rattlesnake season.  I bent over to literally stick my nose in this Iris to smell it and looked over to see a rattlesnake a foot from my face.  It got the shovel.  End of snake.
Here we are planting the garden with my folks.  We always use a stretched line of wire or string so that the rows can be nice and straight.  Learned that from my dad.  Charlie's favorite thing to do while we garden is to steal the hoe and run as far away as he can with it.
Another favorite 4 x 6 insert, this one of Charlie and I picking up Jordy and Eric from hunting turkeys.  I had just received those veneer people and was excited to use them.  I layered on a lot of Washi tape to create a somewhat camo colored theme and then layered the wood people onto a tag from my shop.
Couldn't wait to use that tiny little strawberry paper from a Crate Paper 6 x 6 pad to go along with the images of my new Strawberry Patch stamp set that was released at Papertrey this particular week.  And the little strawberry covered button, so cute.  The approved stamp is from Studio Calico.
On the left I wrote a little blurb about watching Josey drive away to school.  A mama always worries about her babies, especially when they are new drivers.  I used a tidbit of a map sticker, a Studio Calico arrow veneer piece and a car stamp on a metal rim tag from my shop.  On the right is a Project Life foldable insert that tells the story of Jordan totally wiping out at the long jump pit.  Photo of her injuries on the outside, the longer story on the inside.  I like to staple or sew on a little tag to the tops of my foldable inserts.  This way you can tell there is something more inside.
3 x 4 journaling cards here.
Another foldable Project Life insert card.  This one features how much Charlie loves to ride in the Gator.    I used the Plano stamp again and a Studio Calico stamp.  Another tag was stapled on to make the insert easier to pull out.  And on the right is a third foldable insert card from Project Life.  This one tells the story of a Jordan, Josey and me playing Rack-0.  We can never get through a game in a timely manner because some one's always acting up.  This time Jordy decided to make herself some mock bangs and we about fell over with laughter.
And that's it for this week's Project Life spread.  We're off to our first softball tournament this weekend.  A brand new team this year which means new teammates for the girls....and sitting by no one we know in the stands.  I'll miss last year's parents but it's always nice to make new friends too.  It's all good because I need to break away from work for a while....which means I need to physically leave the house or I just always end right back at my desk or computer.  

Other happenings:
I'm very excited to get started on my Pieces of Me album, through the class offered at 2Peas with Maggie Holmes.  Can't wait to get some free time to look at all the albums the instructors made.  I'll be using my recent Summer Cottage kit for my supplies so stay tuned for a few posts on that progress.  For all of you who ordered a kit, they've been shipped so be looking for those next week.  And in shop news, I'll be receiving a brand new shipment of Washi tape next week and will have it available mid week.  Have a great weekend everyone!

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