May 19, 2012

Washi tape meets curly ribbon..

Happy Weekend! Today I have a little tutorial on how I gift wrapped some items for Jordan's graduation present. I had a mirror (which is hard to work with), some fingernail polishes and hair bands. I knew I wanted to use Washi tape on a tag and fun curly ribbon to add a festive touch. Seems every gift around here lately gets a big curly ribbon bunch stuck on top.
For the Washi tape, I wanted to use it on the tag. Tip: A lot of crafters love the idea of Washi but don't like the torn edge look. I found that by using an old tape dispenser you can get a nice clean tear with just a big of that jagged edge. It's like "controlled tearing".
I placed each of my Washi tapes in my taper dispenser and tore off the pieces I wanted to use. These were all layered onto a Large White Tag.
I set that aside and then made my curly ribbon bunch. Just cut about 18" of curly ribbon and curl with scissors.
I use my Tiny Attacher to secure the ribbons together.
Next up I wanted to personalize the tag with Jordan's name. I used Hero Arts letter stamps on a Metal Rim Tag. These are some of my favorite tags from the shop & I always keep them handy.
For the hair bands and nail polishes I tucked them inside a large glassine sack, fold over the edge, added a folded Dainty Doily and then taped on the curly ribbon piece. The layered Washi tag was topped with the metal tag and taped to the front of the sack.
I tied all this to the mirror and tucked it in with Jordan's balloon and other gifts. Very cute and festive and she loved the curly ribbon. :)
I know lots of you are new to the wonderful world of Washi tape. I've started stocking it in the shop so I'll be showing you lots of ways to use it here on the blog from time to time. If you have any questions about Washi just leave a comment and I'll edit my post with feedback.
I've just added a bunch of new Washi to the shop today. You can check it out here along with a new Sewing Notions Kit, White Woodgrain Cardstock and more. Thank you for stopping by and enjoy your weekend. And....I'm officially off the computer for the day. I'm headed out for my birthday dinner with the family. :)


kathy said...

I love how creative you are! Each of your posts inspires me.

Gypsy 2 said...

Happy Birthday Michelle.

Love your style and always look for new ideas.Thanks for taking the time to share with all your fans in Blogland.

Linda said...

Happy birthday Michelle, your projects are gorgeous.

Robin said...

Cute!!! Ahhh, I missed out on the new washi tape.... that's what happens when you go out for the day.. ha!

Julie Boeck said...

Love the festive wrapping!!!

Julie Boeck said...

I missed the part earlier when you said you were going out for your birthday dinner! Hope you had a wonderful birthday!

mcd4jc said...

where did that wonderful woodgrain washi tape come from? If it is from your shop, will you have more? Thanks so much for the great idea of the controlled tear with the old tape dispenser!! Don't know why I didn't think of that! :)

serena said...

what a cool space you have! Love your creative ideas!!

Winnie said...

Love your packaging! The fun, vibrant curling ribbon and washi tape are so cool together.

Naddy said...

Wow so creative... ANd those are Pretty washi tapes!

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